*SPOILER ALERT* Lucifer Newcomer Scott Porter To Play Detective From Dan’s Past


Carol Corbett, a detective from Dan’s past enters the LAPD and quickly gets close to forensics expert Ella Lopez, According to TV Line, Friday Night Lights star Scott Porterto will play Dan’s character.

The character is heard to be “buttoned-up,” making him a very unlikely to be one of the bad boys Ella casually finds her attracted to him, but after the surprising twist in part one of season five, maybe that’s just what she wants.

It may be the trauma the drives her into the arms of an LAPD investigator, but not everyone on the force can be trusted, as Tom Welling’s Marcus Pierce showed in season three.

Fans would also wonder how Dan would react to seeing an old acquaintance form a bond with Ella, given that not so long ago, the two of them shared a brief romantic moment.

In the second half of season five and the forthcoming sixth season, the character is said to recur, meaning he may be a significant part of how the story closes.

Porter has gone on to get roles in Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica, legal drama The Good Wife and Hart of Dixie, where he played the main character for four seasons.

He has most recently starred in Why Women Kill, which is currently airing on UKTV channel Alibi, and in Harley Quinn’s self-titled animated series, where he provided the voice of The Flash.

With star Tom Ellis recently teasing a potential Lucifer season five, part two launch date in late 2020 or early 2021, people are madly waiting for the next batch of episodes in the supernatural crime procedural.


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