Netflix Gears Up as Disney+ Gets 10M Subscribers on Launch!

netflix vs disney plus

Disney Plus gets 10 million sign-ups on its first day of launch and that’s massive! Given the fact that it is yet to be made globally available. The platform actually crashed several times as the servers were overloaded, the executives say that this was due to excessive consumer demand which was higher than their highest expectations.

Such an overwhelming response is sure to make Netflix a little nervous. Disney partnering with Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic has led to Netflix taking a similar step. It has formed a multi-year deal with Nickelodeon to produce original animated films and TV series.



According to sources Nickelodeon is also working on a Sponge Bob Square Pants spin-off for Netflix, the show will center around Squidward and is a music-based project.


As per Business Insider, Disney Plus expects to reach around 60-90 million subscribers by 2024. Disney Plus also hit a staggering 3.2 Million App Downloads on Launch Day. Currently, Netflix has around 158 million subscribers globally while 61 million are from the US only. At the moment Netflix does enjoy the top spot in the industry, second comes Hulu which has around 28 million subscribers.

But Hulu is owned and controlled by Disney, and it’s bundling up with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus which will, of course, bring in a large chunk of subscribers!

One major difference between Disney Plus and Netflix is about the type of content they have available. Disney Plus comes in as a family-friendly streaming platform which does not go beyond PG-13 rating, however, Netflix is more inclined towards adult-oriented shows.

At launch only, Disney Plus had 300 movies and 7000 TV series on its library already! And with the slow and steady approach, Disney is taking, the content will increase exponentially.

Unlike Netflix geo-restricted country libraries, as we speak Disney offers the same titles to all its subscribers. Disney also plans a little deviation to its content distribution and will not release new episodes on a weekly basis instead of the entire season all at once.

While Netflix isn’t in hot waters yet, it will soon be if it does not counter its upcoming rival in terms of doing things differently. Netflix needs to do more and provide more value to the customer or else it will lose its share to its $7 per month rival in no time.

Even though D+ is not available globally yet, you can still access it no matter where you are with the help of Virtual Network.

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