Netflix & HBO Max Are Fighting for the Genius Zack Snyder!

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With Zack Snyder performing amazingly well, Netflix has plans to keep him booked for other projects as well! It may hurt you a bit, but the premiere of Justice League part 2 on HBO Max will be his last project with HBO Max.

This all started after the spectacular performance of Army of The Dead, Netflix was so pleased with Snyder’s work that, especially considering the animated series that is in the works that they wanted to lock him for future projects.

There have been positive reactions and comments from fans and the trend of #RestoreTheSnyderVerse has already picked up! However, the director or the studio has not announced any plans to continue from where the Snyder Cut finishes off.

What happens is that May’s Army of the Dead will mark Zack for the first time his efforts on the other side of the camera, which isn’t regularly a part of the DCEU. This will be the second of the previous 9 credits as an executive producer or as a director which does not include DC films comic book characters.

That’s not all, the 55-year-old is also working with another studio besides Warner Bros. This will be the first time since his debut of the feature film Dawn of the Dead, which was filmed 17 years ago.

Netflix has made available funds and is all in for the Army of the Dead, realizing as a prequel has already been produced and an animated version is in the making.

All signs indicate that Netflix wants to make Snyder the next high profile executive at the company, it has plans to make many more other projects with him.

If the Army of the Dead shakes the box office as expected by almost everyone, Zack Snyder will become an A-List powerful executive with lots to show and an ideal position at Netflix. However, his relationship with the Warner Bros, is actually pretty strong. There are chances he might not ditch Warner Bros after working with them for more than 15 years!

According to a source (that can’t be disclosed), Netflix has analyzed the numbers of the upcoming Army of the Dead movie and they are massively high indicating a sure shot success. These numbers basically demonstrate how many people are going to watch the film on the first day.

More news for the fans is that now that we know about the Army of the Dead 2, the scratch on the disk is that there are chances that on the same day HBO Max’s Justice League 2 will be released.

HBO Max too, just like Netflix wants to have Snyder on board and it looks like Snyder doesn’t want to close any doors before thinking clearly!

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