Netflix To Hike Prices Starting January 2020

Netflix price increases

Netflix, the world’s leading streaming service has announced a price hike in Singapore and Malaysia starting from 9th January 2020. This is the first time that Netflix has adjusted its pricing since its launch in 2016.

As per Leigh Wong, Netflix’s head of corporate communications, Southeast Asia, “These price changes include the government’s new indirect tax – as well as increases Netflix is introducing to reflect the significant investments we’ve made in TV and film over the last two years.”

The current prices are S$10.98 for one screen, S$13.98 for two screens and S$16.98 for four screens. These will increase to S$11.98, S$15.98 and S$19.98 respectively.

Customers will be notified about the increase in prices from January onwards and will get at least one month’s notice period. For example, if your billing cycle starts from 15th January, you’ll receive a notification with your bill indicating the price increase that will take effect from the next billing cycle.

According to Wong, the price increment will help the company continuing to make, “amazing films and shows like The Irishman, Marriage Story and Six Underground.”

Wong further stated that the company will also invest in user experience, “We are also very proud of the fact that we actually have very good adaptive streaming technology or data compression technology, we continue to make improvements to our family/parental controls so we want to continue to make sure that people have the tools that they need to decide what’s best for their families to watch. So we have all these things and we’re continuing to build into that.”


“And we are covering this both on the content and the experience side which is why, as we continue to invest heavily into these things, we will be adjusting our prices from time to time,” Wong justified.

However, these prices are still slightly cheaper than the current prices of Netflix in the USA which is loaded with more content than any other country in the world. If you want to know how to access American Netflix from anywhere in the world click here.

Mohid Moosani

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