Petition Against James Corden For ‘Culturally Offensive’ Segment Mocking Asian Foods

the late late show petition against james corden

Based on the Los Angeles Times, where “The Late Late Show” is actually taped, L.A. experienced an 80 % increase in hate crimes against Asians in the very first quarter of 2021 as opposed to the beginning of 2020. New York City discovered a 223 % massive uptick in this very same comparison.

The missive states it has each Corden himself as well as his system to blame for the content of the debatable segment and is actually asking for an apology along with the cancellation of “Spill Your Guts.”

James Corden is now being asked to conclude the “Spill The Guts” segment of yours on the Late Late Show. More than 10,000 individuals have signed a petition on asking because of the sector – whereby celebrities need to respond to “eat or questions personal gross foods” – to become retired or even refurbished since it is “culturally offensive” to Asians.

Kim Saira began the petition Tuesday after calling out its offensiveness in a TikTok video that went viral. She stated her concerns saying that the foods on the segment are presented to make them look extremely gross and filthy. But the foods that Corden brings up in the particular segment are from Asian cultures and have been a part of Asian societies for centuries. These may include items such as chicken feet or balut or another Asian cuisine, the century-old eggs.


ok but this is actual Asian food & youre going on live tv telling people how gross it is. thats cringe

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The particular clip below, which seems to have initially aired in 2016 and has more than 27.5 million views on YouTube, demonstrates Corden along with the well-known fellow TV star Jimmy Kimmel asking one another difficult questions. The two TV hosts were distinctly unexcited to consume several other common Asian food in the part like the thousand-year egg and chicken foot.

The petition further stated that during the segments, Corden’s behaviour and remarks towards these cultural foods were very discriminatory and offensive as he openly called them disgusting and horrific.

As hate crimes against Asians have increased dramatically, this segment is like a spark to a matchstick. There is no doubt in the fact that Asian communities, too, have been bullied in the U.S for as far as one can remember. Also, it is an established fact that many Asian Americans have been bullied for the type of food they eat since the beginning.

As per the creator of’s petition, the food items presented on the show have an anti-Asian sentiment related to them.

All the petitioners feel that at times like these seeing their cultural foods being laughed at or being called disgusting is extremely wrong, especially for the Asian community and will only further increase hate and distance between communities instead of bringing them together.

A few comments from the petitioners include, “Seeing my culture’s food used as a joke is offensive and lazy. Make better jokes,” and “I don’t support TV ratings through cultural mockery.” Another said it shows a “complete disregard for Asian cuisine and culture.” And one person asked, “Who deemed these foods disgusting? A white guy from [Great Britain]? Okay.”

A rep for The Late, Late Show hasn’t responded to the request for comment. The petition finishes with a listing of recommendations to help you make amends, which includes replacing the food types utilized in the sector, donating cash to Asian owned restaurants and companies as well as an apology from Corden.

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