Return of Travis Scott and Morgan Wallen at 2022 Billboard Music Awards


Well-known names of the music industry Travis Scott and Morgan Wallen made a comeback at the Billboard Music Awards 2022. Both the artists performed for the first time on television since their respective controversies last year. 

On Sunday, at the Billboard Music Awards, Travis Scott performed his famed songs “Lost Forever” and “Mafia” on stage. It was his first appearance since the AstroWorld tragedy. Host Sean “Diddy” Combs and French Montana introduced the rapper. 

An icy landscape served as a backdrop for his performance. The backup dancers carried out a choreographed fight sequence in the background as Scott sang “Mafia” to a lady dressed in a white bikini and fur coat. For Scott’s performance of “Lost Forever” the screen turned to black. The star didn’t address the AstroWorld tragedy onstage and turned the camera away toward the audience. 

Morgan Wallen returned onstage once more. Last time, he came under fire for using a racial slur which triggered a lot of people. The artist received no introduction and performed his “Don’t Think Jesus” in the middle of the MGM Grand Garden Area. The song tells the story of a boy who seeks religion after committing shameful and regrettable actions. 

Wallen debuted the song on television alongside a four-piece band. He wore a white button-down, blues jeans, a brown leather vest and brown loafers for the entire performance. He thanked the audience and then sang “Wasted on You.”

Just last year, Travis Scott got caught in a major tragedy during his concert at AstroWorld Festival. The three-day music festival was organized by Scott; however, the festival took a turn for the worse when a crowd crush claimed the lives of 10 people between the ages of 9 to 27. More than 25 people were also hospitalized before and after the performance of the rapper. 

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A festive day turned into a dark day as numerous videos came to light where the concert-goers were screaming for help, whereas Scott continued to perform on stage, oblivious to their pleas. Although the rapper did apologize for the chaos that erupted, however, the people were not so forgiving. 

The hip-hop mogul has faced over 275 wrongful deaths, personal injury and liability lawsuits since AstroWorld tragedy. Evidently, people began a cancel culture against the rapper and claimed that his apology sounded immensely insincere. 

Wallen, on the other hand, became a victim of the cancel culture when a video of him obtained by TMZ began doing rounds on the internet. The artist could be seen screaming the N-word outside his house in Nashville. He apologized profusely on multiple occasions since then; however, most of his TV appearances were cancelled, and his record label contract was also suspended.

With both the artists performing at Billboard Music Awards, the host of the show Diddy said that the way he looked at it, he could help the two improve their public image, so that’s what he did. 

In a statement by Diddy he stated:

“We’re un-canceling the canceled. [Brother] Love does not rock like that,” Diddy said. “I looked at Morgan’s situation. I looked at Travis’ situation and I said, ‘Man, I got some power to do something about that because we can’t start that in the music industry or even in life period, so I’m here to forgive, to unify, to celebrate, and to have everybody be free. That’s my job.”

You can watch the 2022 Billboard Music Awards on NBC and Peacock all the way from Los Angeles.

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