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“Strange things happen when the tide falls and what you came to know drifts away, once fallen doesn’t mean forever.”

Once Fallen caught my attention around five years back in 2015 while I was browsing the internet to find a good movie. I read the synopsis on IMDb and it pretty much seemed like a movie I would watch. It kind of gave me the idea that the movie was about some person looking for a second chance in life. I could instantly relate to the story (which still wasn’t exactly clear to me until watching it of course). But yes! After all, we all sometimes need a second chance in life at one point or the other, don’t we? The film had its 10th anniversary this April and I just didn’t understand why the ratings are so low until I got to speak with Ash Adams, the film’s director himself:

There is always “This one time” when we messed up and wish we could go back to the past and change the choices we made and if not that, then at least have a new beginning! But as the saying goes to get what you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

Five minutes into the movie and I was totally sold, the film has a stellar cast and the way Ash Adams has put it together makes it an absolute Gem! It feels so real and believable that once I started watching it, all my attention was into it without my mind drifting away in any other direction.

It is more of a crime drama that runs along the lines of father-son relationships, brotherhood, loyalty, and the search for a better future, a better life! The movie is filled with emotions, and I did notice a tear in my eye when the film ended.

So, yeah, life will give you a second chance, but are you willing to do anything and everything to seize the moment and change your life? The film is all about making hard choices that are followed by equally hard repercussions, but in the end, it’s all worth it. No matter how bad the situation is, there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

Once Fallen Basic Plot


After spending almost half a decade in prison, Chance (Brian Presley) an ex-con is very much determined to change his life and start fresh. But his release is nothing like a breath of fresh air as he finds out his best friend, Beat (Chad Lindberg) owes to Rath (Ash Adams) a corrupt cop. Ash Adams’ performance here is both captivating and terrifying. Chance has to help Beat from this dangerous dirty cop, since their friendship is close. They literally grew up together, Chance’s love for Beat is like a brother or perhaps even greater. Because you don’t get to choose your family, but you do choose your friends and sometimes. Chance takes care of Beat in the best way he can as Beat becomes chronically depressed and is not in the right mental health.


Accepting August

chance and august

Returning to his ex-girlfriend’s home, he finds out he has a son named August, who she leaves to Chance and goes her own way. Chance being an ex-con/gang member doesn’t really know how to handle a child, but as he starts to take care of him, he too gets attached to his child. Especially when August addresses him as “Daddy”.

Seeking Redemption

august chance liam

Things change and Chance wants to redeem his past and start over fresh, a life where there is no violence, no enemies and no crime. This change in his personality is majorly due to his son, he wants to be a better role model than his father Liam Ryan (Ed Harris). The movie heavily focuses on the subject of father and son relationship

Making Peace with His Father

ed haris

Liam is sentenced to death for killing August’s father and is the head of the Aryan gang, this gives him certain privileges at the prison, but in turn, he has certain obligations to fulfill. Liam’s character is deeply flawed, in fact, Liam tells Chance to never come and see him but he too has a caring heart and makes alliances to protect Chance and also takes care of Beat like a father. After all the years of grudges between the father and son, Liam tells Chance that Beat’s father was raping him and that’s why he killed him. That changes a lot of perceptions in Chance’s mind and he now finally understands what his father did was right. In the end Chance also makes peace with his father, seeing him after 11 years and Liam gets to see his grandson, August as well.

Moving towards a Normal life

Chance’s will to lead a normal life, away from crime is further motivated by his romantic involvement with Pearl (Taraji P. Henson) who is very close to August and is a friend of his ex-girlfriend. Pearl loves August like a mother and Chance sees this as a perfect opportunity to give his child a better life than his.

After all the ups and downs and the “shady” business Chance has to take care of, he does have a happy ending! He moves to New Orleans to live with Pearl’s family and starts a new life!

Finally a Happy Ending!

The movie is an amazing watch, it hits hard to the heart and in some way or the other, all of us can relate to the plot. It has bits of all the elements, deep emotions, action, romance, motivation, and most importantly hope.

Hope, that no matter where you are in life, you have control over it and it’s only you who can change your life. It can be hard, but is not impossible.

A Movie Not to be Missed.

Ash Adams literally deserves an Oscar for creating such a genius piece on a tiny budget of just a little above half a million. All the cast members have put in intensely amazing performances which give life to the movie, especially Pearl’s character is like a beam of light in all the darkness that Chance is surrounded in.

The film is for everyone, especially if you are fighting personal battles in your life or are aspiring to change it.


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