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Daniela Dib, is an Actress, Dancer, Stunt double, and a totally dedicated Fitness trainer! She runs her fitness program by the name DibFit, and has thousands of followers! That’s not all, Daniela has worked in some of the finest Hollywood films, such as “This Means War“, “X Files“, “Sucker Punch“, “Good Boys” and “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” just to name a few of her achievements!

However, Daniela really loves staying fit and is mostly occupied with her online fitness program DibFit. She loves to exercise and move her body, whether it’s dance or yoga or any other form of exercise.

Team ScreenBinge invited Daniela for a video interview and we are very grateful that Daniela took out the time for us! Upon my request, the professional, dancer also showed a casual dance move for the fans that you can do at the club, even if you literally suck at dancing like me! Check out the video below where Daniela shares her views on fitness and sheds light on how to live a healthier life!

The highly talented actress truly believes in loving your body and really cares about staying fit and healthy. She gives important tips in the video as to how to go about your fitness plans, taking small steps that will keep you motivated in the long run and take you towards the bigger goal, rather than just exhausting yourself out at the gym for the first three days and then never going back again. You can catch her fitness videos on Instagram @danieladibfitness.

She explains how to plan small goals that will ultimately take you towards your actual goal, whether it’s losing or gaining weight. Staying healthy from the inside is what’s really important, even if you look fine from the outside, Daniela also tells how beneficial just even 10 minutes of exercise can be for the body.

Despite having an amazing portfolio of movies, the fitness trainer is very selective in choosing movies, as she claims that fitness sets her on fire and is her real passion!

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