Joe D’Angelo Interview – The Laws That Run The Silver Screen

Joe D’Angelo is a New York-based attorney, serving entertainers and businesses on matters including trademarks, copyrights, and business/corporate law. Joe routinely counsels artists, influencers, creators, producers, inventors, business owners, and marketers by assisting them with their legal needs, finding solutions for the client, as a whole.

Throughout his career, he has developed experience on a variety of business legal matters, including trademark and copyright registrations, network distribution agreements, talent agreements, licensing agreements, platform exclusivity agreements, promotions agreements, advising businesses on corporate governance and compliance matters, drafting and negotiating complex corporate contracts and agreements, advising clients throughout purchases and sales of businesses, commercial property, and forming business entities.

Joe understands the problems that creatives and businesses face daily. With board membership experience, Joe approaches his client’s legal matters pragmatically, with a sense of understanding, and believes that involving his clients directly through conversation is the only way to effectively counsel.

Currently, Joe is an Associate Attorney at the Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow, a full-service law firm based in New York.

For helpful tips on Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property, and Corporate Law, please visit Joe’s LinkedIn and newly-created Instagram:

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