How to Watch Legend of Korra on Netflix From Anywhere [2022]

Watch The Legend of Korra on Netflix

The Legend of Korra a sequel to Avatar the Last Airbender is now streaming on Netflix. Earlier Netflix dropped all seasons of Avatar in May.

The Legend of Korra is released on Netflix US only on 14th August 2020, which means hundreds of thousands of fans will miss out on this epic sequel as they reside outside of America. However, relax, I will guide you on how to watch the Legend of Korra online anywhere in the world.

Yes whether you’re in the UK, Australia, Canada, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, or anywhere else in the world you can watch the Legend of Korra by accessing the US Netflix. Yes, you can totally access the US Netflix with the workaround I have.

How to Watch Legend of Korra on Netflix

Simply follow these steps to stream the Legend of Korra online on Netflix:

  1. Sign in to your VPN service (Our Top Choice VPN ExpressVPN).
  2. Download Software, select a US server, and connect to it.
  3. Now go to Netflix, search, and start watching Legend of Korra on Netflix.
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Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream Legend of Korra?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) replaces your IP address and replaces it with the countries IP address that you want to access. So this fools the systems at the back end of the website into believing that you are visiting from a non-restricted region. And this is how you get to access US Netflix.

However, unblocking is not limited to US Netflix only, using a VPN you can watch many foreign channels and streaming platforms. Some of these are even completely free, so just connect your VPN to that country and start watching. You can watch Avatar, Harry Potter, Naruto, Fate series, and many alike hidden titles using a virtual network.

You can watch channels and platforms like Funimation, Crunchyroll, HBO Max, Fox, Stan, CBC, Sony Crackle, BBC iPlayer, and many many more in USA!

Geo-restrictions are places to safeguard the copyright owner’s interest as they make different deals with different broadcasters all over the world.

Best VPNs to Unblock Legend of Korra Netflix

We have tested multiple services and found these 3 best Netflix VPNs to be working smoothly for unblocking the titles at any time and anywhere.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to unblock Netflix. ExpressVPN is one service that is famous for its amazingly fast speeds! It has great credibility, however, it’s priced a bit above the market average. Once you use the service though you will find that it is worth the money! It has more than 23 US servers and 3,000+ VPN servers in 94+ countries. Additionally, it has the capability to unblock 20+ Netflix Libraries.

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Surfshark is a pocket-friendly VPN to watch Netflix. This VPN never fails to impress because of its unblocking capabilities! This relatively cheap VPN has all the features that any premium service would have. It’s fast, User Intuitive, and very affordable! It has 23+ servers in the US and a total of 1700+ servers in 63 countries.

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NordVPN is a reliable VPN to unblock Netflix. NordVPN is a premium VPN service, targeted right for streamers! The best feature it has is that it has its own streaming dashboard. This means all you have to do is click on your favorite streaming service or channel and you’re connected! It has over 1900+ US  servers and a total of 5400+ servers in 59 countries.

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How Many Episodes are there of the Legend of Korra?

The Legend of Korra consists of 4 Seasons and 52 episodes based on the four elements of power.

Book Name Episodes Netflix Region
1 Air 12 USA Only
2 Spirits 14 USA Only
3 Change 13 USA Only
4 Balance 13 USA Only

Since the Title is restricted to America Only viewers around the world will be needing a VPN to access it. Here is a quick look at the trailer.

Where Else to Watch Legend of Korra Full Episodes?

If you don’t have a Netflix account, don’t worry. Streaming Legend of Korra is still possible, you can use any of these other popular options mentioned below:

Legend of Korra on Amazon Prime

Luckily the complete anime is available on Amazon Prime channel NickHits. As well as you can purchase DVDs for all four seasons starting from $19.99.

legend of korra amazon prime

The Legend of Korra on Youtube

You can watch the Legend of Korra on Youtube as well, although it will cost you a lot since you have to pay per episode.

legend of Korra Youtube tv

All the episodes are available on YouTube if you cant use any of the other options, then you can opt for YouTube.

Korra Legend on Google Play

You can also buy single episodes or a Full Season of Korra from Google Play Store, it gets a little expensive but if you’re crazy about the show then it’s worth it!

Korra Legend on Google Play

Is the Legend of Korra be Available on Hulu?

Unfortunately, the Avatar franchise is not directly available on Hulu but you can still watch the show with the additional CBS subscription in your Hulu package.

Is Legend of Korra on Disney Plus?

No, Disney Plus does not have The Legend of Korra or any Avatar Airbender series as these are Nickelodeon Originals.

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