Who Quit or Got Dumped on Love Island so Far

Love Island s8 drop out contestants

The final countdown of the grand finale has already begun. Scheduled to air on the 1st of August, fans are really eager and excited to know who is going to win the title of the most compatible couple in Love Island UK Season 8. The ITV2 dating program has seen a steady stream of bombshells join the cast, and as the weeks have passed, with the finale scheduled to air tonight, there have also been nail-biting events of islanders getting dumped and, in a couple of cases, quitting voluntarily. 

Adam Collard and Paige Thorne were the last two islanders to be axed out of the villa. While the two left the rest of the finalists on a happy note, fans are now eagerly waiting to find out who the majority of voters will side with to decide the show winners.

The series of dumpings had started from the very second week of the show with Remi Lambert and Afia Tonkmor being the first two unlucky islanders. Before these two, a seemingly promising islander, Liam Llewellyn quit the show for personal reasons. The third week again saw a double elimination as the viewers voted for their favourite names. For the female candidates, Tasha Ghouri, Ekin-Su Cülcülolu, and Amber Beckford received the fewest votes. Among the boys, Ikenna Ekwonna, Jay Younger, and Andrew Le Page finished last with the fewest votes. However, it was later discovered that just one boy and one girl would be returning home, and the two unfortunate contestants were Ikenna Ekwonna and Amber Beckford. The following week, Charlie Radnedge also got dumped alongside Antigoni Buxton, as the audience again voted for the couples they thought to be the most suitable together in the villa.  

Week five was the cruellest for the participating islanders when fans witnessed a total of eight dumpings. Samuel, George, Jack, Cheyanne, Mollie, and Jazmine were dumped because one of the original islanders had to pick one in order to keep their place on the show. Chyna Mils and Jay Younger were also dumped a little later the same week, because they failed to receive sufficient votes to survive in the Villa. Week six then showed three more islanders exit the villa. Jacques O’Neill surprisingly decided to quit his love journey due to mental instability, while Coco Lodge and Josh Samuel got dumped by fans’ choice. In episode 45 luck was not in the favour of two more Islanders and we have witnessed how the group saved Danica and Dami, meaning that Summer Botwe and Billy Brown’s Love Island experiences came to an end because they received the least amount of votes from the public. On day 49 during Sunday night, just a few days to go until the final we have seen four dumplings including, Reece Ford who spent much of his time in the Majorcan villa competing, and Nathalia Compos who stayed in the villa for a very short time period. Lacy Edwards was also unfortunate enough to get dumped that night with the hope that she would continue her relationship with Deji outside the Villa. Deji Adeniyi was also among the four Islanders who were dumped on Day 49. When questioned whether he’ll continue a relationship outside of the villa he replied he didn’t want to change anything. Just before the end of day 51 episode, three couples were announced to be in the danger zone due to public voting. However, the couple getting dumped wasn’t revealed before the day 52 episode started. The Islanders who had to go home were Jamie Allen and Danica Taylor. The two were also asked if they would keep something going on outside the villa, and Jamie replied: ‘Definitely – there’s no reason why not.”

The most crucial time was the day before the finale when participants seemed really nervous, eagerly wanting to put their place in the finals. In the latest episode, we witnessed Adam, and Paige both being chosen as the least compatible by public vote. The two left the villa with polite speeches, hugs, and smiles.

The cast of the ITV2 dating program’s eighth season has been seeing a revolving door. Continue reading to know who has already departed the Love Island villa so far, starting from the very beginning till the very last islander getting dumped. If you haven’t start watching and have no idea how and where to watch, we have got you covered. All you need to get ITV outside UK and viola you can watch the the whole season 

Liam Llewellyn – QUIT in Episode 5

Liam Llewellyn

The first contestant to depart Love Island this year was student Liam, who left the villa just five days into the new season. The 22-year-old dropped out of the competition of his own will and told his other rivals that he hadn’t “been himself.”

“I don’t really think I’ve been giving 100 percent Liam; I’m miles off that,” he said. “Trying to find someone you leave the villa with that you care about – obviously that’s the goal, isn’t it? But when you‘re not feeling that, it makes it a hard sort of time to find that.”

Afia Tonkmor – DUMPED in Episode 8

Afia Tonkmor

Afia was dumped in the first recoupling after choosing Paige over her as her fellow bombshell made her move on the island’s boys. Afia moved with Ekin-Su into the villa and went on date with Jacques and Liam. She failed to connect with any of the boys and was discarded in the second recoupling.

“Obviously I’m going to miss everyone in the villa but I’m going to keep trying to find love. I’m sure Mr. Right is out there somewhere,”  She stated after leaving. 

Remi Lambert – DUMPED in Episode 14

Remi Love Island 2022

On the Sunday’s (19 June) episode, the show started with the recoupling scene where girls had to pick first. Danica, a new girl, shocked everyone by choosing Luca, forcing Gemma to select Davide once more.

Indiyah was now the last contestant to pick and choose, and her options included Ikenna, with whom she had been matched with on day one,and the most recent bombshell Remi. She dumped Remi on the island and pursued Ikenna.

Remi stated on his departure. “I’m a bit disappointed – I wish I could stay longer to get to know Indiyah and Danica mostly. At the same time, I feel like it was my time to leave. I was getting mixed signals and I wasn’t getting a clear answer from the girls.”

Ikenna Ekwonna – DUMPED in Episode 16

Ikenna Ekwonna

Ikenna, another of this year’s initial competitors, was partnered with Indiyah Polack by the general audience, from the moment they entered the villa. The 23-year-old was voted the show’s least popular boy and so was sent out home by the fans. The fans also noticed that there was never much of a spark between Ikenna and Indiyah.

Ikenna spoke about his departure and claimed he wasn’t upset about the unexpected dismissal.

“I didn’t find romance but it was nice to be in the villa, nice to have a pool in the heat, couldn’t really complain. Obviously short-lived but that’s cool though.”

Amber Beckford – DUMPED in Episode 16

Amber Beckford

Amber was paired with Dami Hope from the moment she entered the island. The couple remained together until the public eliminated Amber. She became the least popular girl on Love Island after her exit from the ITV2 show.

Dami made it clear that he wanted to get to know Indiyah, who was then dating Ikenna’s ex-boyfriend, even before she was fired. Even though, there were some cues that Amber’s position within the house wasn’t as safe as it first seemed. Since Amber was dumped from the villa, Dami and Indiyah have remained a pair.

Antigoni Buxton – DUMPED in Episode 26

Antigoni-Love Island 2022

Bombshells Antigoni and Charlie were dumped from the villa on Friday (July 1) night’s episode after the public voted for the couples they believed to be the most compatible.

Antigoni and Charlie, Danica and Jay, and Tasha and Andrew were the bottom three. The remaining boys decided which girl should be dumped, while the girls decided which boy should depart.

In the end, Antigoni was asked who she wanted to win the competition on her departure. Antigoni replied, “I’m rooting for Indiyah and Dami. I love them. They’re so sweet together. I genuinely think that all the couples that are together are really, really genuine. Tasha and Andrew have a really amazing connection.”

Charlie Radnedge – DUMPED in Episode 26

charlie-Love island 8

Charlie was dumped alongside Antigoni after the girls chose him to leave the villa. Charlie said that he had no regrets about his time in the villa and is looking forward to moving on with his life.

Samuel, George, Jack, Cheyanne, Mollie, and Jazmine – DUMPED in Episode 32

Samuel, George, Jack, Cheyanne, Mollie and Jazmine - DUMPED in episode 32

After the Casa Amor reunion, Samuel Agbiji, George Tasker, Jack Keating, Cheyanne Kerr, Mollie Salmon, and Jazmine Nichol were dumped off the island.

When they arrived at the villa, they were all cast members of Casa Amor 2022, therefore one of the original islanders had to decide who would stay on the show.

Even though Cheyanne and Mollie might not have made it to the main villa, they didn’t go without making their presence felt since they both admitted that they had been getting close to Jacques and Davide.

Jay Younger – DUMPED in Episode 35

love island Jay

Jay Younger was dumped on the 35th episode because he received the fewest votes from the audience.

It occurs after Summer, Dami, and Chyna were all eliminated. When the islanders were forced to decide which pair to keep, they decided to keep Dami and Summer because of their friendship with Indiyah.

Chyna Mils – DUMPED in episode 35

Chyna Mils - DUMPED in episode 35

Chyna Mils received the fewest votes from the public and was dumped on episode 35. 

Dami and Summer were at the bottom, along with Jay and Chyna, but their co-stars decided to save them rather than sending them home.

Jacques O’Neill – QUIT in Episode 37

Jacques O'Neill

Jacques O’Neill left the ITV2 show on episode 37 where he was paired up with Paige Thorne, putting his mental health first he admitted, that he hadn’t felt like himself since Casa Amor.

Jacque stated, “Jacques has made the decision to leave the villa. He will explain his reasons to the islanders during tonight’s episode. We fully support his decision and look forward to seeing what’s next for Jacques.”

He further added that he was ‘ready to break down’  in the villa and felt ‘mentally drained’ by the experience.

Coco Lodge – DUMPED in Episode 40

Coco Lodge

After a deep connection with Andrew, Coco had a difficult time in the villa but was dumped from the island after receiving the fewest votes from the general public.

She was paired up with Andrew during her stay at Casa Amor, but when she returned to the villa with her new partner Billy, he turned his attention back on his ex-girlfriend Tasha.

Coco stated: “At first, I felt sad to leave because it’s such an amazing experience and I felt sad to leave everybody in there – we had all become like a family. However, everyone is in couples and I was kind of on my own so I was excited to get home, see my friends and see my puppy.”

Josh Samuel – DUMPED in Episode 40


Danica was put in the friend zone after her relationship with Josh. Danica and Josh had been dating since the start of the season, but he was dumped during the sixth week because of his infidelity problems.

Josh admitted that he might have some regrets regarding his time on Love Island after leaving, stating, “I feel like if I had the chance to do it again, I would put my immature ways aside and try and give it a proper shot with Danica. I feel like I slipped back into my old ways and got scared and then tried to pursue something else.”

As a result of a popular vote, two more Love Island celebrities have been dumped. Josh and Coco were eliminated because they had the fewest votes of any boy or girl in the villa.

Billy Brown – DUMPED in Episode 45

Billy Brown
In episode 45, it was revealed that  Summer, Billy, Danica, and Dami were all in the bottom four. The boys had to choose which girl they wanted to keep, and the girls had to pick which boy they want to keep.

Billy Brown was kicked from the island as a result least liked person by the viewers who had been voting for their favorite couple. He only managed the fewest votes among the other islander. Due to Danica’s determination to find someone and Dami’s close relationship with Indiyah Polack, he was chosen to leave rather than Danica and her friend, Indiyah.

Billy stated: “I felt that if it was my time then it was my time. It is what it is. Not happy, not sad, I’m just going with the flow with it and whatever happens, happens.”

Summer Botwe  – DUMPED in Episode 45

Summer Botwe

Summer was also dumped followed by Billy in the same episode as she was chosen to go home by the group decision. Viewers had been voting for their favorite couples, and she also received the fewest votes, putting her at risk of being sent home.

22-year-old Summer, who was coupled up with Dami, described her exit “It’s bittersweet, I would have loved to have made it until the end but I am absolutely over the moon with how far I’ve got. I am definitely leaving on a high with my head held high.”

Billy added: “I felt that if it was my time then it was my time. It is what it is. Not happy, not sad, I’m just going with the flow with it and whatever happens, happens.”

Reece Ford – Dumped Day 49

Reece Ford

Four islanders were dumped on Sunday night dumping with only a few days left in the finale. The 23-year-old Reece was one of the four getting dumped that night. He spent much of his time in the Majorcan villa competing with fellow bombshell Jamie for Dancia’s affections.

He cracked a joke on his exit: ‘I could have done without that, to be honest!

‘It was a bit of an uphill battle from the first night after they kissed in the dares game. When she and Jamie kissed, I knew it was going to be a.”

Nathalia Campos – Dumped Day 49

Nathalia Campos

Another Islander who got dumped on Day 49 was Nathalia Campos, who made some significant impact while staying for a very short period of time on Love Island. During her stay at the villa, she particularly got noticed for getting engaged in trying to win over Davide. Ekin-Su however did not let it slide easily, and the battle finally got settled over the pancakes segment.

Nathalia joked before leaving the island: ‘The pancake competition, that was just hilarious, two grown ass women battling it out over pancakes, that was just funny and it was a good way of breaking the ice with Ekin-Su.

‘Me and her are good now, we have no problems, you can always solve whatever problem you have in the kitchen.’

Lacey Edwards – Dumped Day 49

Lacey Edwards

Lacy Edwards was also among the four unfortunate Islanders who were dumped on Day 49. After her brief experience as a bombshell, 25-year-old Lacey felt encouraged to pursue her growing relationship with Deji, also 25, outside of the villa.

She stated upon her exit, “I 100% think there could have been a good chance of our relationship blossoming.

She added, “It’s such early days but we both slotted in so well to villa life… We had banter with everyone and they were all really supportive of us. We didn’t get enough time but we are outside now so we can still carry on.”

Deji Adeniyi – Dumped Day 49

Deji Adeniyi

Deji Adeniyi was the last one to get dumped on Sunday night with the other three Islanders. During his time in the villa, his initial love interest was Indiyah in Casa Amor, despite her ultimately going back to Dami.

While discussing his actions in Casa, he said: ‘I stand by what I did. I don’t want to change anything. I was true to myself, which is why I went for Indiyah and why we got along as much as we did.

‘If anything was fake she would have picked up on it and I would defo have not been myself. I wouldn’t change a thing.’

Jamie Allen – Dumped Day 52

Jamie Allen

One of the two islanders who got dumped on day 52 was Jamie Allen. While sharing his views on taking the spark he had with Danica outside the villa, he said:

“Definitely – there’s no reason why not. That doesn’t change the connection we have. We’ve already talked about a few dates we’re going to tick off the list. We’re definitely going to see each other on the outside 100%.”

Danica Taylor – Dumped Day 52

Danica Taylor

Danica Taylor was the other islander to get dumped from the ITV2 dating show, along with Jamie.

She stated upon her exit, “I’m walking out of here with somebody who I genuinely think I’ve got quite a good connection with,”

“I’m so proud of myself.”

Talking about her deep chemistry with Jamie, she enthused: “It’s still early days for me and Jamie but we just clicked.”

“I remember the first night he came in and we were just talking. I didn’t know anything about him, I didn’t know where he lived, his family, or his career but we’d spoken all night.”

“I felt his energy and that he really liked me and wanted to get to know me for me – that is a feeling that I hadn’t felt with any of the other guys.’

Danica continued: ‘When you know, you know and my gut was telling me that this guy likes me and wanted to get to know me.”

“We get along, it’s just easy and natural and doesn’t feel forced. We both bring out the best in each other.”

Adam Collard- Dumped Day 56

Adam Collard

Adam Collard was one of the most recent islanders to get dumped from the ITV2 dating show, along with Paige. He seemed happy going with Paige and hinted that he is going to continue the same energy and romance with her outside the villa.

Adam stated upon his exit, “Oh man I’m so excited I am pleasant to go out with the boys but I am like I am not gonna lie I am being salty with Paige as well like I am going to take her everywhere.“

Paige Thorne – Dumped Day 56


Paige Thorne

Paige Thorne also got dumped one day before the finale, along with Adam Collard, since the public voted the two as the least compatible couple. She was deemed “the least suitable” after being voted by their fellow Islanders and viewers.

Paige made everyone smile while giving her last speech, “Guys stop pulling sad faces; had an absolute blast each and every one of you; love you infinitely. I am just gonna have the best time when we all get out, so don’t miss me too much. Love you all.”

The season so far is a collection of crazy emotional rides and shocking revelations. Some very unusual incidents happened that made a lot of viewers jump up their seats. 

One unanimously popular couple, Luca Bish and Gemma Owen faced trouble when Luca reacted to a clip from the past, featuring Gemma. The fans did not like Luca’s reactions, and called him insecure, and his behaviour immature.

In another instance, one of the Love Island stars was heavily criticised for passing disgusting remarks about how he still gets flashbacks of an ex, who also happens to be on the show. While the show is being loved by countless fans across the world, many also think the show is promoting misogynistic behaviour, and official complaints have been submitted to Ofcom.

Paige Thorne and Adam Collard were the unfortunate couples that nearly missed out on making the final. The last couple to be saved was Tasha and Andrew, who will advance to the finals along with Ekin-Su and Davide, Gemma and Luca, and Indiyah and Dami.

The end of Love Island season 8 is nearing with just a handful of hours left. As always, this year’s Love Island ride was also a blend of mixed emotions, where some of the most promising islanders have been seen leaving the show due to public votes and sometimes personal reasons. It’s now time to find out which couple is going to get crowned in the grand finale. Here’s how you can watch Love Island UK Season Nine on ITV2 and ITV Hub from anywhere in the world, and get a taste of the heartfelt moments and emotional drama expected in the grand finale.

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