Love Island UK Fans React on Luca Bish’s Reaction to Gemma Owen Clip

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We have stepped further in Love Island UK Season 8 and a lot happened in the last few episodes as we have witnessed some dramatic, romantic, and heartfelt moments. Now, the fans of the eighth season of Love Island UK are criticizing the Islander Luca Bish for his response to a clip featuring Gemma Owen. 

The video was played as a part of the Movie Night, a segment of the show popular for sparking friction between the couples. The video in question also featured Billy Brown from Casa Amor. Absurd to the show fans and viewers, Luca became enraged after seeing Gemma and Billy engage amicably in the clip. 

Love Island UK is a popular dating show where contestants have to become couples who try to indulge in serious relationships. In the show, couples are given a series of tasks with a partner that they keep swapping until they meet the love of their life. The show airs on ITV and ITV Hub every night at 9 pm. However, if you are residing outside of the UK and cannot access the channels, here’s how you can watch Love Island UK Season 8 from anywhere in the world.

In last week’s episode of Love Island Season 8, contestants had to watch candid videos of their fellow islanders from earlier episodes as part of this week’s challenge called Movie Night. The result of which was damaging for the most loved couple of the show, Luca Bish and Gemma Owen.

Luca primarily partnered with Paige Thorne, and later showed interest in Tasha Ghouri. However, the 23-year-old refused to think about anyone else after he got involved with Gemma and made her his top priority.

The two Islanders, Luca, and Gemma, did publicly profess their love for one another, despite the girl’s desire to wait for her parents’ approval. However, Luca’s response to Movie Night and the treatment of Gemma may jeopardize their relationship as well as his chances of winning.

Fans of Love Island were shocked as Luca was seen swearing and muttering under his breath after watching the clip. The brief clip showed Gemma, 19, sitting with newcomer Billy, 23, having a conversation that Luca insisted had been “flirty.”

He complained that he was completely fumed after watching the clip and demanded that a “bombshell” be brought in. He pulled Gemma aside for a chat by the fire pit, and as his temper flared, he threatened to “f**king explode”.

“Mate, I mean it when I say I’m f***ing fuming,” he said. “Watch me mate, I don’t even want to speak to her tonight.

“Made me look like an absolute f**king w**ker. Obviously I’m f**king fuming. I ain’t going f**king near that bird. I’m livid.

“Just bring me a f**king bird in and watch now, watch me flirt now. Trust me when I say if she wants to play a game to me, I will f**king explode.”

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After the show aired on Sunday, July 17, tweets demonstrated how viewers responded to Luca’s behaviour. According to one of author Bolu Babalola’s most well-liked tweets, “Gemma’s scene was absolutely nothing and Luca is crying throwing up sliding down the wall when he was laughing at everyone else. What a scary guy.” This was one of many tweets from Love Island UK Season 8 fans bashing Luca, who has been criticized as possessive, for overreacting about the clip. Accusing Gemma of “flirty chats” with Billy, Luca said of his 19-year-old partner, “if she wants to f**king play it down to me I will f**king explode”.

He also remarked that he “can’t be with somebody like that”, and asked the producers to prepare a bombshell for him. In addition to his anger toward Gemma, the fishmonger was criticized for “egging on” the villa boys’ bad behaviour. Others praised Gemma’s response to the situation and advised Luca to “get over yourself”.

Fans often criticized “double standards”, and Luca’s outburst was no different, particularly in light of his criticisms of girls’ “exaggerated emotions” and “being dramatic”. People also brought out his encouragement of the guys kissing and flirting with other women on Twitter.

In contrast to Luca’s encouragement, Billy and Gemma only had a brief, casual conversation. Once earlier on the show, Billy tried to wrap the influencer in his arm, but Gemma cleverly slipping away was a clear hint of her intentions. 

Prior to Sunday, Luca and Gemma appeared to be the only stable couple, and perhaps the favorites to win. Fans will have to wait and see how the dramatic confrontation impacts the current season’s future. As for the other couples, it’s unclear where they stand with only two weeks left until the finale. The end is surely going to be an exciting one, and fans are eager to find out the winners.

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