The Return of Casa Amor Marks the Finest Moment as Andrew Kisses Coco


Andrew Le Page and Tasha Ghouri haven’t had the smoothest of beginnings of their relationship in the Love Island villa. Model Tasha acknowledged that the appearance of bombshell Charlie Radnedge had caused her perspective on the ITV2 dating competition to change.

Tasha admitted she wanted to get to know Charlie when they were having a romantic hot tub date. Now, when six lovely new bombshells have arrived in the main villa, it is Andrews’s turn to lap up some attention.

The newcomers advised Andrew to be more “open” while the girls are away at Casa Amor. And it is clear that their advice has hit a vein. 

On Monday, July 4’s episode of Love Island, real estate agent Andrew, who lives in Dubai, declares that he is “thinking about himself for once.” And he smooched with Coco, a graphic designer from Surrey, to prove it.

He clearly states in the beach hut,  “Right now I’m not going to be thinking about Tasha. I’m going to be thinking about myself for once. At the end of the day I wanna be happy so, I’m definitely going to speak to Coco, we’ll see what happens.”

Taking advantage of the situation, he invites Coco to join him on the terrace for a conversation, and the two of them end up kissing. Up on the terrace, Andrew states: “I did want to talk to you, as I know we had a chat this morning. You know you are my type and I definitely wanna get to know you more.”

When the incident happened, fans started to share their thoughts on social media. 

Coco replies: “Cute, why do you wanna get to know me?” Andrew responds: “I’m not going to lie, you’re a bit of me.”

Coco’s mother tells her that Andrew is the man she would have chosen for her if she were to choose between him and another man and that they would get along very well.

Andrew continues the conversation by saying: Obviously we had a little kiss down there…” Coco admits she liked the kiss and that Andrew was a good kisser, Andrew asks: “Would you like to do it again, do you reckon?”

Will Andrew get seriously involved with Coco and leave Tasha? Share your views!

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Coco responds by saying: “Do you wanna do it again?” He seizes the chance and leans in to kiss Coco once again. Mollie Salmon, a recent arrival, said about Andrew while having a discussion with the boys about their couplings: “I think you should be open, I’m just saying…” And he was rattled when Coco agreed: “I think she’s just settled for convenience.”

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