Former Love Island Actress Siannise Fudge Opened up About Her Battle with Depression

Siannise Fudge

Siannise Fudge, a former Love Island star, has shared how her struggle with depression left her hospitalized and underweight.

On Sunday, the contestant from the popular reality show’s 2020 edition used Instagram to share her struggle with her followers.

Siânnise Boulaye shared photos of herself in her underwear eight months ago and today, appearing better and healthier. She said she was finally ready to talk about the mental health problems she had suffered.

Along with the photos, she penned a lengthy caption explaining that she felt she had a “responsibility” to share her pain with the world and asked her followers to support her as she dealt with the situation.

27-year-old, Siannise explained to her 1.7 million followers that she had been waiting for the right time to speak out on the matter and that until now, she hadn’t had the guts to publicly share her hardships.


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She stated, “I feel I have a responsibility to share this because somehow it might help one of you and that’s all I want from this. To give anyone suffering the belief that you can overcome your obstacles in life.”

“This time last year I was suffering from anxiety & depression behind closed doors. This resulted in me having insomnia, extreme mood swings & losing two stones in weight.”

“I was insecure, lost all my confidence & lacked love within myself. I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror because I didn’t recognize myself both physically & mentally. I completely lost myself and I wasn’t sure who I was as a person anymore.”

She continued by explaining how it was affecting every aspect of her life and said that she had become upset by various messages she had gotten because of her weight.

“I was lost, depressed, and unhealthy, but somehow I developed the strength to work on myself,”

She proceeded by saying that she eventually discovered how to use criticism and negative comments to stimulate improvement in herself.

She concluded on a happier note, “I turned every negative comment into fuel and motivation to get better and today I stand here, healed with a healthy mind & a happy heart.”

 “I feel beautiful, confident & I love my body now more than ever. I never understood mental health until I experienced it myself and how important it is. I urge everybody to be kind because you never know what someone is going through, everyone has a story. Every cloud has a silver lining, I am living proof of this.

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After seeing Siannise share a post on Instagram, fans started to express their thoughts in the comment section. Molly-Mae Hague praised her in the comments section by stating that: “You should be so proud of yourself beautiful.”

Kady McDermott also stated, “Oh Siannise this breaks my heart to read, but I am so glad you’re coming out the other end, you’re literally glowing at the moment and look so so so amazing. Always here and sending so much love xxx.”

Additionally, Gabby Allen sent a string of love heart emojis.

Molly-Mae Hague further added, “You should be so proud of yourself beautiful.”

And Georgia Steele also commented on a post, “Brave girl, well done lovely.”

She assured fans who might be going through a difficult time that she is there for them and that she intends to stay transparent and have regular Q&A sessions.

She wrote in a blog post that it’s critical to unite in order to make a change: “Protecting your peace is the most important,” and reaffirmed the “Be Kind” message.

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