How to Cancel Netflix Subscription in UK [Easy Guide]


Are you done with Netflix and want to know how to cancel Netflix in UK but have no idea how to do it? Then, you have come to the right place; we will guide you through the step-by-step procedure of canceling your Netflix account in the UK.

Many Netflix members mistake deleting the Netflix profile or app in an attempt to cancel Netflix subscriptions. This has nothing to do with your subscription, and you will end up getting billedDeleting the Netflix app does not mean account deactivation.

First off, we would recommend you to study your existing package and see whether it can be downgraded or upgraded according to your liking and see whether an adjustment in the package can make your stay as a loyal Netflix subscriber or not. If not, here is how you can deactivate a Netflix Subscription.

How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription in the UK Using a Web Browser

The process of cancelling a Netflix subscription from a web browser is pretty simple. Here is the step-by-step process you should follow:

A step-by-step guide to cancelling your Netflix account:

  1. Open a web browser, go to, and sign in to your account.
  2. Click the profile icon > Account.
  3. On the top right corner, click on the “Cancel Membership” plan.
  4. Confirm your decision and your Netflix Membership will be cancelled.

VIDEO: Step-by-Step Instructions for Canceling Netflix

How to Cancel Netflix on iPhone in the UK:

iPhone & iPad users should head straight to safari or chrome and visit the Netflix account page. From here, you can launch the desktop version of your Netflix in order to cancel your membership.

  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner, and click on “Account.”
  2. Scroll down and click on “Cancel Membership.”
  3. Confirm the cancellation by clicking on “Finish Cancellation.”

Once your cancellation is completed, you will receive an email from Netflix. Check your email account to ensure that your account is cancelled and you won’t be billed again.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription on Android in the UK:

The process of cancelling a Netflix subscription via Mobile is very similar to a web browser:

  1. Open the Netflix app and click on the profile icon or three parallel lines on the right bottom.
  2. Go to Account.
  3. It will take you to your mobile web browser, where you will find your account details. Scroll down and click the Cancel Membership option.
  4. Click ‘Finish Cancellation’ to confirm the end of your Netflix membership.

That’s it; your Netflix membership will be ended at the end of your billing date.

How to Cancel Netflix on TV in the UK

Here’s how to cancel your Netflix subscription on TV in the UK:

  1. Sign in to your Netflix account.
  2. Click on the arrow at the right top corner of the page, next to your profile picture.
  3. Scroll down the options and select ‘Account.’
  4. Click ‘Cancel Membership’ under membership & billing.
  5. Click ‘Finish Cancellation’ to complete cancellation.

How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription Through iTunes For Mac

Here is how to cancel a Netflix subscription if you are paying from iTunes:

  • Open the Setting apps on iOS devices
  • Click Apple ID at top > View Apple ID > tap Subscription
  • Find Netflix in the subscription list > click Netflix > select Cancel Subscription
  • Finally, click Confirm to end your Netflix subscription from iTunes

The process remains very much similar for Disney Plus cancellation as well.

How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription From T-Mobile in the UK

If you use T-Mobile as your payment method for a Netflix subscription and want to end the membership, you first need to log in to your T-Mobile app and contact its customer support to remove Netflix from your T-Mobile account.

After that, contact Netflix Help Centre and ask to cancel your subscription.

Reasons to Consider Keeping your Netflix Membership in the UK

As much as you love to get rid of your Netflix for other streaming services, there are tons of reasons to keep it as well, like:

  • Netflix Original Content
  • Unlimited supply of movies and TV shows
  • New additions each month
  • Ad-free service on all packages
  • Shareable account
  • Caters all budgets

What Are Some Good Netflix Alternatives?


Yes, Netflix does not charge any additional cost for cancellation. Once you complete the steps, your Netflix subscription will be ended on your billing date.

No matter whenever you cancel Netflix, you can keep using your account until it is closed automatically at the end of your current billing period.

Once you cancel the Netflix account, you can continue watching until your gift card or promotional balance maxed out. After your cancellation request, you’ll be able to continue streaming for as many months of service as you have left on your Netflix Gift Card or promotional balance.

Yes, you can restart Netflix after cancelling. Just sign in to your account and click restart membership.

If Netflix is still charging after cancelling a subscription that means someone, with your account access, has restarted the subscription. In this case, sign in to your account, go to in another tab, and select Finish Cancellation.

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