How To Watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons Outside USA on Max [Free Guide]

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Step into the world of transformative podiatry with My Feet Are Killing Me, a riveting TV series that aired from January 2, 2020, to May 4, 2022. Discover how to watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons outside USA on Max using ExpressVPN, and unlock access to this gripping medical show that attracts audiences outside USA.

While HBO Max restricts its content geographically, limiting access outside USA. ExpressVPN offers a solution. With ExpressVPN, bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy seamless streaming of your favorite shows on HBO Max outside USA including My Feet Are Killing Me, regardless of your location.

How To Watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons Outside USA on Max? [5 Easy Steps]

Unlocking access to watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons outside USA on Max is simpler than you think. Follow these five easy steps to enjoy the medical series.

  • Subscribe to premium VPN services, like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and Install the VPN App.
  • Connect to a server located in the United States. (Recommended New York)
  • Sign in to the Max Website with your credentials.
  • Search for My Feet Are Killing Me and start watching.

Note: If you’re wondering how to pay for Max outside USA, make sure you have a US-issued credit card to make the recurring payments.

If you’re searching for where to watch My Feet Are Killing Me, then the below section is for you.

Where to Watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons Outside USA?

You can watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons outside USA on Max, the ideal platform for this compelling series. However, geo-restrictions on Max limit access to streamers beyond US borders, creating barriers to enjoying this engaging podiatry series.

To overcome these restrictions and watch My Feet Are Killing Me full episodes free outside USA, consider using ExpressVPN. By employing ExpressVPN, the audience can effortlessly bypass geo-blocks and access their desired content.


Iconic Entertainment from the top streaming brands under a single subscription outside USA!

Following the merger with Discovery, HBO Max transformed into Max, offering an array of entertaining content. Max stands out as an affordable and suitable platform to watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons outside USA online for free, making it an excellent choice for accessing this thrilling series.

Can I Watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons through Max Free Trial?

Yes, you can watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons outside USA on Max with a free trial offered through Amazon or Hulu. Signing up for HBO Max free trial via Amazon allows streamers to get into the intriguing world of podiatry showcased in this series with a 7-day free trial without any cost.

Watching My Feet Are Killing Me on Max online for free becomes more accessible with these free trial options, enabling fans to enjoy the engaging narratives and transformative journeys depicted in the series outside USA without the immediate commitment to pay HBO Max price.

You can continue with Max after the free trial, even if you’re outside USA, and if you want to not get charged after the free trial, then you must cancel HBO Max subscription before the free trial ends.

When was My Feet Are Killing Me released?

My Feet Are Killing Me debuted on January 2, 2020, and concluded its run on May 4, 2022.

Despite its initial airing period, the entire four-part series remains available for audiences on Max, allowing them to experience the mesmerizing journey of podiatric transformations. For those outside USA, ExpressVPN provides a seamless solution to enjoy My Feet Are Killing Me on Max.

What is the Synopsis of My Feet Are Killing Me?

Getting into the realm of podiatry, My Feet Are Killing Me offers a distinctive perspective by highlighting the extraordinary and often unusual foot-related challenges encountered by patients.

This series becomes an enthralling choice for fans of medical documentaries, showcasing a spectrum of extreme foot issues that attract audiences seeking unique and engaging narratives.

For those eager to experience this fascinating portrayal of podiatric transformations, ExpressVPN serves as the gateway to watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons outside USA on Max. By using ExpressVPN, spectators can seamlessly enjoy this series without any interruption.

What is the Cast for My Feet Are Killing Me?

Witness the talented ensemble behind the compelling narratives of My Feet Are Killing Me as we explore the distinguished My Feet Are Killing Me cast, bringing expertise and empathy to the enthralling world of podiatry.

  • Brad Schaeffer: Foot and Ankle Surgeon
  • Ebonie Vincent: Foot and Ankle Surgeon
  • Sarah Haller: Foot and Ankle Surgeon
  • Rebecca Rhodes: Dr. Sarah Haller Patient
  • Danielle Cosgrove: Patient
  • Waylon Pullis: Self
  • Jessica Pullis: Waylon’s Mom
  • Amy Beth Travis: Patient
  • Kody Pullis: Waylon’s Dad
  • Chris Valliere: Dr. Brad’s Patient
  • Randy: Friend & Co-Worker
  • Kyle Vincent: Ebonie’s Brother & Family Medicine Doctor
  • Michelle Steilen: Patient
  • Ronae Allen: Patient
  • Robert Shearn III: Patient
  • Willie: Ronae’s Boyfriend
  • Michael Fakhry: Anesthesiologist
  • Eugenie Vincent: Ebonie’s Mom

How Many Seasons does My Feet Are Killing Me have?

My Feet Are Killing Me is comprised of four seasons, where each episode chronicles the journeys of patients undergoing transformative treatments to address embarrassing and challenging foot problems.

My Feet Are Killing Me Season 1
Episode No Episode Name Episode Description
S1 E1 Somewhere in There Is a Foot Stacy’s life-threatening foot scar, David’s severe fungus and Morgan’s desire for a sixth toe amputation present unique challenges.
S1 E2 Looks Bad, Feels Worse Unique cases include a woman with springs on shoes, a man with rare foot size, and an athlete needing surgery for mismatched feet.
S1 E3 Mo Toes, Mo Problems Three challenging cases, an enormous foot lump, a widespread wart cluster, and a unique double big toe, present intriguing mysteries.
S1 E4 All 12 Toes Complex toddler surgery, nudist foot case, tense surgery awakening
S1 E5 Trouble with Toes A woman’s foot surgery using a cadaver bone faces infection fears, while another’s toe correction surgery leads to a critical complication risking toe loss.
S1 E6 ET Fingers Dr. Vincent tackles a man’s oversized toe while Dr. Schaeffer juggles a demanding young patient and a man with remarkably lengthy toes.
S1 E7 Alligator Feet Challenging surgeries on severe dancer’s feet, and club feet reveal surprises, and curled toes present complexity in podiatric cases.
S1 E8 Fixing Frankenstein Dr. Schaeffer corrects a woman’s serpentine foot while Dr. Vincent aids a drummer’s foot to regain rhythm.
S1 E9 Doctors Are the Worst Patients Heather needs help walking post-accident; Dr. Vincent assists. Dr. Schaeffer treats a comedian’s foot and seeks treatment for his own.
My Feet Are Killing Me Season 2
Episode No Episode Name Episode Description
S2 E0 Under the Mistletoes Dr. Schaeffer, Dr. Haller and Dr. Vincent celebrate the holidays with festive cheer and unexpected foot cases in this special episode.
S2 E1 Hornet’s Nest Feet Dr. Ebonie tackles wart-covered feet, while Dr. Brad faces mystery cases linked to the ‘elephant man’ and delicate skin.
S2 E2 Melted Candle Wax Feet Cindy needs Dr. Brad for her stumpy foot, Gregory seeks Dr. Ebonie’s help with open wounds, and Glen’s split feet are featured in the episode.
S2 E3 Amputation Situation Patients seek specialized care: Anna desires improved feet, Russell with hoove-like feet, and Patty requires assistance after an extreme amputation.
S2 E4 Callus Catastrophe! Nate seeks relief for calluses, Savannah for an enlarged big toe, and Dr. Brad investigates John’s foot growth mystery.
S2 E5 Sixth Toe Surprise Patients seek relief for various issues including an extra toe causing pain, twisted feet of a ballet dancer, and massive fluid-filled sacks on a patient’s leg.
S2 E6 Corn Crazy Patients seek specialized help for twisted toes, corns, and toe-related concerns from Dr. Sarah, Dr. Brad, and Dr. Ebonie in ‘My Feet Are Killing Me.
S2 E7 Macaroni Toenails Patients with unusual foot conditions, including a woman with a 2-pound foot mass, a man with pasta-shaped toenails, and another with rock-like heels.
S2 E8 Un-Cross My Toes Three surgeons tackle complex cases to restore mobility in patients with crossed toes, unknown masses, and a ruptured Achilles.
S2 E9 Moldy Cheese Feet The doctors confront challenging cases: twisted toes, Frankenstein-like feet, and extreme calluses in diverse patients.
S2 E10 Walking on Broken Glass Dr. Brad, and Dr. Sarah tackles identical toe issues in twins, while Dr. Ebonie aids a boy with itchy feet and assists a woman born with an exceptionally large toe.
My Feet Are Killing Me Season 3
Episode No Episode Name Episode Description
S3 E1 Hellish Horns Unusual foot conditions like horned feet, foot-through-windshield trauma, and ‘dead man’s feet’ pose intriguing challenges for Dr. Brad and Dr. Ebonie.
S3 E2 Permanent Stilettos Patients with extreme foot conditions seek relief from Dr. Brad, Dr. Ebonie, and Dr. Sarah’s expertise and care.
S3 E3 Witch’s Toe Dr. Ebonie and Dr. Brad tackle cases including a fluid-filled foot, a seven-toed individual, and a barber with a severely deformed nail due to a past injury.
S3 E4 Alien Baby Dr. Ebonie and Dr. Brad tackle unusual cases including a ‘cursed’ foot, an extraterrestrial toe, and a cranky callus in a busy day at their clinic.
S3 E5 Mass of Mystery Dr. Brad and Dr. Ebonie face challenges, including a mysterious foot growth and a returning dancer in need of additional surgery.
S3 E6 Frankenfoot Bizarre cases, wet socks, and surprising diagnoses challenge the doctors’ expertise.
S3 E7 Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble Unique cases challenge Drs. Ebonie, Sarah, and Brad: toe tumors, nail troubles, and twisted toes.
S3 E8 Crusty Cluster A man seeks help for a repeatedly broken foot, while a woman with a peculiar growth sees Dr. Sarah, and Dr. Brad attends to a returning shocking patient.
S3 E9 Dislocation Disaster Dr. Brad and Dr. Ebonie confront intriguing cases, including horribly dislocated toes, a man walking on toenails, and a woman seeking fatter feet.
S3 E10 Feet Are a Battlefield Doctors assist Devon with his misshapen foot, named Igor, patients receive treatment for corns, twisted toenails, and widely spaced toes forming a peace sign.
My Feet Are Killing Me Season 4
Episode No Episode Name Episode Description
S4 E1 My Thumb Is a Toe! Woman with a decade-long broken leg, Dr. Brad’s NYC move for severe bunions, and Dr. Sarah aiding a man with a thumb-sized big toe.
S4 E2 Hammerhead Foot Doctors handle cases of a foot resembling a hammerhead shark, unscrubbed feet shocking Dr. Ebonie, and Dr.Sarah removing a peculiar worm-like growth.
S4 E3 A Smell from Hell Three doctors tackle extreme foot cases including growths, fungus-ridden feet, and a mysterious condition beneath a surgical boot in My Feet Are Killing Me.
S4 E4 Monstrous Mystery Growth Patients present challenging cases, including mysterious growth, a foot resembling a hand, and feet hardened like stone, posing significant challenges for the doctors.
S4 E5 Horse Heels Docs tackle foot mysteries, towering toenails, and a desperate tape remedy.
S4 E6 Fix My Twisty Toes! Patients seek transformative surgeries for various foot ailments including twisted toes, calluses, and bulges in the engaging episodes of My Feet Are Killing Me.
S4 E7 Alien Brain Toe Doctors perform intricate procedures: Dr. Ebonie removes an alien brain from a cancer survivor’s toe, Dr. Sarah reconstructs dislocated toes, and Dr. Brad tackles a heel growth despite the refusal of numbing shots.
S4 E8 Beastly Feet! Patients seek podiatrists for diverse foot issues: fungal infection, growth misidentified as a wart and self-esteem concerns over webbed toes.
S4 E9 Horror Movie Bunion Three podiatrists tackle extreme foot conditions, from horrifying bunions to debilitating masses and severe fungal infections.
S4 E10 My Foot Looks Like Parmesan Cheese! Extreme cases, like severe webbed toes, aggressive growths, and a massive callus, challenge doctors in uncharted medical territory.

My Feet Are Killing Me episodes are available for streaming on Max, and if you’re outside USA, ExpressVPN can help you access this series.

What is the IMDB rating for My Feet Are Killing Me?

The IMDB rating for My Feet Are Killing Me stands at 6.9/10, reflecting its moderate yet engaging reception among fans of medical documentaries.

Is there a Trailer My Feet Are Killing Me?

Yes, the My Feet Are Killing Me trailer is easily available on YouTube, offering a glimpse into the exciting podiatry series.

To watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons outside USA on Max, streamers can rely on ExpressVPN to enjoy the engaging narratives showcased in the trailer and beyond.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch My Feet Are Killing Me Outside USA on Max

Unlock unrestricted streaming and watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons outside USA on Max using ExpressVPN, optimizing your streaming without interruptions. With a lightning-fast download speed of up to 93.8 Mbps and an upload speed of 89.4 Mbps.

ExpressVPN has a vast global server network of more than 3,000+ servers across 105 countries, including 20+ servers in the USA, ensuring a consistent and dependable connection. Without experiencing buffering, and relishing uninterrupted streaming, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for HBO Max outside USA.


Watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons Outside USA on Max with ExpressVPN

Recommended Server: New York

With AES-256 encryption, ExpressVPN has top-quality security, safeguarding your online activities and personal data while streaming My Feet Are Killing Me.

Moreover, ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature enhances your Max experience across various devices and operating systems like Firestick, Chromecast, and Windows. Supporting up to 8 simultaneous connections, effortlessly switch between devices while enjoying My Feet Are Killing Me.

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My Feet Are Killing Me

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Yes, you can stream all 4 seasons of My Feet Are Killing Me on Max using a premium VPN. To access the platform outside USA, consider using ExpressVPN for seamless streaming and unlocking of the series.

“My Feet Are Killing Me” is an expression indicating intense foot pain. It implies severe discomfort likely caused by extensive walking or wearing highly uncomfortable footwear.

My Feet Are Killing Me Show” is exclusively available for UK audiences on Discovery+, allowing viewers in the region to indulge in the enthralling world of podiatry showcased in this captivating series.

Dr. Ebonie Vincent hails from Temecula, California, her place of origin. Recognized as the lead in My Feet Are Killing Me, she showcases her expertise in the series.

Dr. Ebonie Vincent is 37 years old and known for her expertise in addressing intricate foot-related issues, her proficiency and compassionate approach in the field of podiatric medicine contribute to her recognition in the medical community.

Wrapping Up

My Feet Are Killing Me premiered on January 2, 2020, offering a unique glimpse into the world of podiatry. For those eager to watch My Feet Are Killing Me All Seasons outside USA on Max, this engaging series continues to catch the audiences with intriguing medical narratives and surgeries of challenging cases.

Accessing My Feet Are Killing Me Season 5 outside USA on Max encounters geo-blocking restrictions. ExpressVPN emerges as a crucial tool in bypassing these limitations, allowing audiences to experience the transformative journeys showcased in the series.

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