Britney Spears Says She’s on the ‘Right Medication’ After End of 13-Year Conservatorship


Britney Spears is on recovery and seems to be enjoying her post-conservatorship life and she’s keeping her fans updated accordingly.

The 39-year old singer took to Instagram and shared with her millions of followers that she is on the “right medication” after Britney Spears’s father Jamie Files Petition To End 13-year conservatorship once and for all.

She shared a picture of her cozy fireplace draped with Christmas decor, including a garland decked with red bows, white lights, bells, and gold adornments. She captioned: “That beautiful … nice … and warm f—— fuzzy feeling when you’ve been waiting patiently for 13 years to be able to live your life however you choose and it’s finally here !!!!”


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Spears’ conservatorship was dismissed by an L.A. judge. The pop singer shared that she spent celebrating her “freedom” over the weekend and raises her first glass of champagne’ after conservatorship ends.

“What an amazing weekend … I felt like I was on cloud 9 the whole time ️ !!! I actually got my first glass of champagne 🥂 at the most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever seen last night !!!!” she shared on Instagram.

She added, “And you might be surprised cause my prayers are pretty damn powerful ESPECIALLY when you’re on the right medication just a month ago !!!!” 

“Damn I can actually pray …. It feels so good to just BE HERE !!!! I’M HERE … thanks to no doctor or conservatorship people … good God my friends … it’s good to BE HERE and be PRESENT !!!!” she continued.

Although the pop star didn’t disclose what type of medication she’s on, she hinted to her followers to keep a tab on her for something exciting that could arrive in the next three months.

“Since I can actually PRAY now hopefully in just 3 months there will be a shift for me … I mean who knows…” she continued, before “pulling a Snoop Dogg” type on-stage self-admiration by thanking and believing herself all these tough years.

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In the proceedings earlier this month, Judge Brenda Penny of Los Angeles court terminated Spears’ personal and estate conservatorship officially by all means, just after a couple of months when Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, was suspended from his role as pop star’s conservator the past 13 long years.

Furthermore, more drama continued after some time in Britney Spears’ conservatorship case because her mother Lynne demanded more than $650,000 in attorney fees as the matter inched closer to a conclusion.

Britney wrote on Instagram: “Pssss my dad may have started the conservatorship 13 years ago … but what people don’t know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea !!!!” She continued: “I will never get those years back… she secretly ruined my life.”

Jamie Spears, Britney’s father, has been the driving force behind the legal agreement that implies she has little or no control over her personal and financial affairs. However, the singer claimed on Instagram that her mother, Lynne, had suggested the conservatorship to her father.

“The court finds and determines that the conservatorship of the person and the estate is no longer required,” Judge Penny announced the ruling in court on November, 12. “Therefore, effective today, the conservatorship of the person and estate of Britney Jean Spears… is hereby terminated.”

A source previously revealed to PEOPLE that Britney was elated after her conservatorship ended and termed the day as “the best day of her life.”

“She was crying and laughing at the same time,” the source also revealed. “It was hard for her to understand that it’s over after so many years. She is so grateful for everyone that has helped her.”

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