King of Horror ‘Stephen King’ Highly Praises Netflix’s “I Came By,” Calls it a “Tight Little Thriller”


Stephen King has a new favorite movie, and he is making sure that the world knows about it. Netflix’s latest thriller I Came By, starring George Mackay, has captured Stephen King’s attention, and the globally known horror writer highly recommends it.

The film’s star George Mackay started his career in the 2003 film Peter Pan as the Lost Boy Curly. Since than he has acted in few movies and series such as Private Peaceful and Defiance. Mackay again came into prominence due to his critically acclaimed movie 1917 directed by Sam Mendes and since then has worked in multiple lauded  projects.

In his most recent thriller, Mackay plays the role of a vigilante graffiti artist whose targets are wealthy and powerful people. His character lands himself in hot water when he discovers something dark about a man played by Hugh Bonneville. The movie becomes absolutely thrilling when Mackays character’s over confidence puts him in the path of danger. The gripping story and brilliant direction by the British-Iranian director Babak Anvari has prompted the famous author Stephen King to praise and recommend the movie.

When the writer who has titles such as Carrie, The Shinning and It under his belt recommends a movie, we better believe it is worth watching. In a Twitter post, the famous and highly regarded author of horror genre, recommended the movie along with mentioning two other psychological thriller writers to make a comparison with:

King’s mention of Ruth Rendell and Patricia Highsmith sets the tone of expectation for the viewers who enjoy thriller mysteries. It can also be believed that part from the genre what connects Stephen King to this movie is the lead actor George Mackay who also played a role in 11.22.63 which was a King adaptation and clearly he has impressed Stephen King with his portrayals.

Movie fans who have watched the movie have take to social media to praise it with one @stanfordsays expressing his views via Twitter:

Where as another Twitterati acknowledged the prestige of a Stephen King recommendation:

Thriller movie buffs who would like to take up on Stephen King’s recommendation may watch it on Netflix where the movie stayed at top ten after its release hence making it evident that it is movie worth your while.

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Netflix has a huge library of movies of nearly every genre and fans of horror and thriller may find the best horror movies on this platform. So once you are done watching I Came By, move on to find more entertainment content of similar genre.

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