The Robertsons Talk About Raising A Biracial Child in the U.S


Willie and Korie Robertson have opened up to the fact that they have biracial children and their concerns that come from their origins in society today. On a brand-new show of Facebook Watch, At Home with the Robertson, the Duck Dynasty stars talk about racism and admit they’re concerned about the security of their son.

Tomorrow, April 5, Love and Hip Hop stars Yandy and Mendeecees Harris will be the first time they will perform.

Growing up Black in the United States is difficult, Willie and Korie discussed the topic and have now clarified why this “critical” conversation is held in their series, and just as much in general, in an interview with HollywoodLife.

They [Yandy and Mendeecees] had such a special warmth about them and came from such a different place I had, growing up in Harlem,’ Korie told the site, adding that ‘They were able to give advice from their perspective [to their son, Will] so it was very interesting having that conversation with them. I think that we need to take into account that a lot of us grew up differently, whether really urban, or like us in the country and it is different, yes it is a big country, but there are people that have grown up a lot differently

The two adopted their biracial son when he was five years old, and they now confess to being concerned about his welfare.

Willie stated his concerns,

I think it’s really important to have this conversation, to listen … and hopefully bring people along to the conversation. We have a biracial son and we have felt nervous for him. And so hopefully the nature of the show itself, that we can help put racism away so that was a great conversation. It is tough, it is a tough topic but it is kind of where we are, right?

From 2012 to 2017, the Robertsons featured on the reality show with their extended family. It followed their activities such as running a duck hunting company in Louisiana. Will, who was born to a Black father and a white mother, was adopted by them when he was five weeks old. Will was ten years old when Duck Dynasty premiered, but he received a number of “ugly remarks.”

Willie told that this adoption took place because he and his wife were ready to adopt a child but there was a waiting period of 1-2, except that they had the option to adopt a biracial child and they did because they just wanted a child to love.

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