Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick Achieves Yet Another Milestone


With summer drawing to a close, Top Gun: Maverick continues to break records by claiming the 5th highest-grossing film title to itself. The movie has already been established as Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing movie of his entire career. Not only that, Top Gun: Maverick has also become the #1 film of the year 2022.

The movie went on to dethrone Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War last month. It seems like audiences are rather in the mood for a high-speed thriller; that’s why they’ve been revisiting Top Gun: Maverick in the cinemas because it just hits right in the feels in terms of nostalgia and feel-good vibes the moviegoers are looking for.

Within 15 weeks of Top Gun: Maverick’s release, the movie has already earned over $701,000,000 at the domestic box office and over $740,400,000 internationally, resulting in a total of over $1.44 billion. For a movie that’s available to watch digitally, such an amount is practically unheard of.

Mike Glenn appreciated the movie’s success in the following words:

Within the first week of its digital release, Top Gun: Maverick bagged the spot of #1 best-selling digital title in the US ever, breaking records all the while and serving as a testament in terms of a legacy sequel.

Top Gun: Maverick happens to be the only film to reign the domestic box office at #1 on both Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays.

Recently, Cobra Kai actors Ralph Macchio and William Zabka also hugely appreciated the movie and stated, “They did everything right.”

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CEO and President of Paramount Pictures cannot be more ecstatic about the record-breaking totals, “It’s without a doubt that Top Gun: Maverick is a true cultural touchstone embodying the power of the cinematic experience. “

“As we celebrate this enormous achievement and the film’s massive impact, we want to extend our gratitude to Tom Cruise, our filmmakers and cast, Paramount’s marketing and distribution teams, and the legions of both new and longtime Top Gun fans who keep turning out to enjoy this remarkable movie.”

Top Gun: Maverick’s directed by Joseph Kosinski. The sequel sees Tom Cruise reprising his iconic role of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, which originated in the prequel Top Gun (1986). Set after the first movie’s events, more than thirty years later, Maverick is needed back at TOPGUN to train a fresh batch of pilots. One of them is Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, played by Miles Teller, who’s the son of Maverick’s late friend “Goose.”

The film’s been a phenomenal success partly due to the jaw-dropping stunt and action scenes and the overall upbeat and feel-good vibes for the moviegoers globally. The Top Gun: Maverick cast even explained how they performed the ‘grueling’ and ‘intense’ G-Force stunts.

Apart from Teller and Cruise, Top Gun: Maverick also includes Monica Barbaro, Glen Powell, Danny Ramirez, Lewis Pullman, Greg Tarzan Davis, Jay Ellis, Jon Hamm, and Jennifer Connelly. The movie also has Val Kilmer reprising his role as “Iceman.”

Top Gun: Maverick continues to be in the theaters and is also available to stream digitally as of now. The Blu-Ray, 4K Ultra UD, and DVD release can be pre-ordered before it arrives eventually on November 1st.

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