‘Counsel… Not Cancel’ Trevor Noah Speaks Out in Recent Grammy Ban of Kanye

Kanye West is the talk of the town and netizens are jumping in to take sides, after his controversial statements on social media against his ex, Kim Kardashian, and her current boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

After many violations and social media suspensions, the Donda artist is now banned from performing in the 64th Annual Grammy Awards 2022. 

The host of this year’s Grammys, Trevor Noah, took to Twitter his stance on this recent ban by sharing I said counsel Kanye not cancel Kanye”.

The late show host has become a part of the feud between Kim, Kanye, and Pete since his views on the controversy came up. He expressed concern for the ‘lovesick’ Ye, the ‘disturbed’ ex, Kim Kardashian, and the ‘uninvolved’ Pete Davidson.

In the extended version of the Tuesday episode, Noah shared that “over time, Kanye has become more and more belligerent in how he tries to get Kim back”. He further shared, “I do understand that art can be therapy — I honestly do understand that. But I also understand that therapy can be therapy,”. 

Noah clarified his stance from the very beginning by sharing the effects of a broken home that he witnessed growing up.

He shares, “What I see from the situation [about Kanye] is a woman who wants to live her life without being harassed by an ex-boyfriend or an ex-husband or an ex-anything.”

Noah’s troubled childhood stems from the death of his mother who was shot by an angry step-father.

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After Noah’s tweet, we have yet to hear any comments from the Academy awards in light of the conflict. Many netizens side with Noah’s response for Ye to get help.

In the past, the SNL host Pete Davidson tried the same, which was found in the posted text chain with the Donda artist on Instagram.

Ye was removed to perform in the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, happening on Sunday, April 3rd 2022, due to recent “online controversial behavior”.

Despite having 5 nominations, and being featured as a producer in the Album Of the Year nominee Montero by Lil Nas X, the Academy has implemented the ban.

The artist had always been part of controversies and already faced $30 million in damages and two class-action lawsuits back in February 2021.

The controversy between Kardashian and West began after the couple announced their end after 7 long years of marriage, having 4 kids.

Kanye took to Instagram and many other channels to express his regret and wanted her back. Shortly, Kim had made appearances with the SNL star, Pete Davidson, and all rumors came true.

Ye has, since then, been on an online rampage, trying to win back the SKIM Mogul and push away Pete. His online controversy on Instagram compelled Meta to ban his internet presence for 24-hours.

Many of his posts were about “reuniting the family” and in such disturbance, Trevor Noah tried to jump in and help.

Netizens stirred up the controversy whether it was the Grammy host himself who gave the idea to ban West from the Grammy awards.

But his part has been to mediate and get Ye to seek help from the very start. He expressed his concern on the Grammy ban by sharing “I said counsel Kanye not cancel Kanye”.

He spoke against the cancel culture and demands West should seek help and not cause any more domestic disturbance.

Ye’s online behavior is only bringing more barriers to his success, as it started from the Instagram ban and is now a ban from the most prestigious award shows, in which, he secured 5 nominations.

The host Trevor Noah seems to side with the artist’s betterment and wants him to get the help he deserves. All we know is the Grammy host will have a lot to share on 3rd April 2022, live at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the Annual Grammy Awards outside US as well, not only because of the Awards and accolades but also to get first-hand knowledge about the feud.

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