How to Watch Ed Stafford First Man Out Outside USA on Max

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Are you guys all ready to get into the world of blood, tears and heart-to-mouth action? Watch Ed Stafford First Man Out outside USA on Max with ExpressVPN!

Across Discovery Plus screens, Ed Stafford competes with famous survival experts in tough challenges. They put their lives, bodies, and reputations at risk. They navigate through difficult Asian landscapes, facing serious survival tests. They rush to get to a set rescue point, aiming to show they are the best and can finish first!

Since HBO Max is merged with Discovery+ and converted into Max, users now have access to a range of exciting new possibilities and can watch Ed Stafford First Man Out on Max, but there is a small problem: geographical restrictions imposed by the platform can limit your access to HBO Max outside USA!

Also, Max facilitates its users with an opportunity where they don’t have to pay in the beginning, and they can watch Ed Stafford First Man Out with Max free trial!

However, to watch Ed Stafford: First Man Out season 1 online without any inconvenience, keep reading below!

Quick Steps to Watch Ed Stafford First Man Out Outside USA on Max

Follow these simple and easy steps to watch Ed Stafford First Man Out outside USA on Max without any problem:

  • Subscribe to a top-quality VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Install & open the application.
  • Connect to a United States server. (Recommended server: New York)
  • Log in to your Max account on its website.
  • Search for “Ed Stafford First Man Out” and enjoy your stream!

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Wondering about where to watch Ed Stafford: First Man Out without worrying about your location at all? Read below, we have the answers to all of your queries like where to watch Ed Stafford: First Man Out season 3!

Where can I watch Ed Stafford: First Man Out?

Its primary channel for streaming is Discovery Plus, but worry not, you can also watch Ed Stafford First Man Out outside USA on Max because it is coming here on 22nd September 2023!

Max is the streaming platform that has emerged from the merger of HBO Max and Discovery Plus, making it an ideal platform to stream the best anime on HBO Max.


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To your surprise, it is also available on different streaming devices. For instance, you can also watch HBO Max on Apple TV, Android TV, and also watch HBO Max on Chromecast with the help of the best in the business, ExpressVPN.

Max offers competitive prices and user-friendly trials, making itself the most suitable streaming platform, making it even possible to watch HBO Max on PS4 and to watch Ed Stafford First Man Out outside USA on Max effortlessly!

It is also very important to be fully aware of geographical restrictions imposed by the platform itself. For that purpose, make sure that you use ExpressVPN to get rid of these headaches. Surfshark with HBO Max is also a very good option to opt for because it also offers similar experience in terms of speed and connectivity!

Also, if you’re looking for how to watch Marooned with Ed Stafford season 1 online free? You’re on the right path!

Can I Watch Ed Stafford First Man Out Using Max Free Trial?

Without a doubt, you can watch Ed Stafford: First Man Out-online free outside USA on Max!

Using the free trials provided by many companies and organizations makes it straightforward to watch Ed Stafford Marooned full episodes for free. For instance, users of Amazon or Hulu can try Max for free.

Hulu also offers a 7-day free trial with which you can add HBO Max as an add-on channel and also take advantage of accessing HBO Max on Mac for free as well as HBO Max on Windows outside USA by using ExpressVPN.

Streaming on Max is not available outside USA. However, to bypass these geo-graphical restrictions and to watch Ed Stafford First Man Out outside USA on Max, consider using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. It even helps to fix HBO Max error code 905 for unlimited streaming!

Wondering about Ed Stafford First Man Out release date? Don’t you guys worry, we’ve got you covered!

When did Ed Stafford set off on Max?

Well, the show, Ed Stafford First Man, was first aired on 31st January 2019. It was released on its primary channel, Discovery Plus, But for the fans, the show is also going to be released on Max on 22 September, 2023.

Existing Max subscribers will have access to the show on the Ed Stafford First Man Out release date on Max. If you haven’t signed up for the service yet, now’s the perfect time to do so!

In case of Max or HBO Max not working, you can contact their 24/7 available customer service via chat or email!

What is the Story of Ed Stafford First Man Out?

Presenting a story for the First Man Out show, offering a deeper glimpse into the wild adventures:

The first man to walk the whole length of the Amazon River, Ed Stafford, is pitted against the top adventurers, survivalists, and bushcraft experts in the world in the genre-defining survival series First Man Out.

In an effort to be the first man out, Ed Stafford competes against the greatest in the survival game in each episode as they race over some of the most beautiful but challenging landscapes Asia has to offer. This time, surviving is only half the struggle as Ed puts his life, limb, and reputation on the line to establish himself as the world’s top survivor.

Is There Any Trailer Available For Ed Stafford First Man Out?

Examine the jaw-dropping and adventurous official clip for “Ed Stafford: First Man Out” released by channel of Ed Stafford on January 30, 2019, with keen attention to detail.

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Ed Stafford: First Man Out Seasons List:

The action and adventure program has 19 episodes divided into 3 seasons. There is currently no release date for the next episode or season of Ed Stafford: First Man Out. The show Ed Stafford: First Man IMDB audience rating is 8.1 (338 votes).

Out of the 4 seasons available on Discovery Channel, only the first 2  seasons are coming on 22nd September 2023 on Max. So, mark your calendars!

  • Season 1 – It was released on 31st January 2019. It consists of 6 episodes.
  • Season 2 – It aired on television on 3rd February 2020, it consists of 6 episodes.
  • Season 3 – It came out on 12th January 2023. It has a total of 7 episodes.

Season 1:

Episode No Episode Name Description Airing Date
01 Borneo Ed Stafford challenges ultra-fit ex-Marine and ropes expert Aldo Kane. January 31st, 2019
02 Kazakhstan Ed Stafford finds himself marooned in a never-ending natural maze as he flies to Kazakhstan. February 7th, 2019
03 Mongolia Ed Stafford is paired against survival supremo and famed endurance athlete Matt Graham. February 14th, 2019
04 Thailand Ed Stafford risks life and limb as he races through the harsh Thai jungles against ex-military survival legend EJ Snyder. February 21st, 2019
05 Palau Ed Stafford goes up against primitive skills expert Cat Bigney in a race. February 28th, 2019
06 India Ed Stafford has bitten off more than he thinks he can chew by racing serving Royal Air Force survival instructor John Hudson. March 7th, 2019

Season 2:

Here are the complete details of the Ed Stafford: First Man Out season 2:

Episode No Episode Name Description Airing Date
01 Ed vs Will Lord Ed faces his old bushcraft teacher, Will Lord, in Bashan, central China. February 3rd, 2020
02 Ed vs Josh James Ed takes on the `Kiwi bushman’, Josh James, in the Three Parallel Rivers plateau of Yunnan Province. April 10th, 2020
03 Ed vs Hakim Isler Ed takes on ex-PSYOPS marine and real-life ninja, Hakim Isler, in the Zoige Marshes of Sichuan Province. April 10th, 2020
04 Ed vs Matt Wright Ed challenges Matt “The Juggernaut” Wright in the Wanshan Archipelago off the coast of southern China, April 27th, 202
05 Ed vs Ky Furneaux Ed takes on Hollywood stuntwoman, Ky Furneaux, in the Four Girls Mountain. March 4th, 2020
06 Ed vs Xinlei Wu Ed faces former French Foreign Legion desert specialist, Xinlei Wu, in the Aksai Desert of north-west China. April 27th, 2020

Season 3:

Below are the complete details of the Ed Stafford: First Man Out season 3 which also include the complete Ed Stafford First Man Out episode list:

Episode No Episode Name Description Airing date
01 Ed vs Matt Graham (Grudge Match) Ed invites ultramarathon runner Matt Graham back to see if Ed can reclaim his pride. January 12th, 2023
02 Ed vs Donny Dust Ed is joined by Donny Dust, a former US Marine intelligence officer and primitive skills expert. January 19th, 2023
03 Ed vs Max Djenohan Ed risks his life facing off against Max Djenohan, a young elite fighter on a quest to test his own capabilities. January 26th, 2023
04 Ed vs Sun Lingye Ed Stafford pushes his physical limits racing against Sun Lingye, a medic and ultra-marathon runner. February 2nd, 2023
05 Ed vs The Wild Twins Ed Stafford faces off against challengers Amber and Serena Shine in Kenya’s Rift Valley. February 9th, 2023
06 Ed vs Ness Knight In the treacherous Valley of the Gods, Ed Stafford takes on his son’s godmother, Ness Knight. February 16th, 2023
07 Behind the Scenes N/A February 23rd, 2023

Who were Ed Stafford: First Man Out Contestants?

Following is the list of contestants of Ed Stafford: First Man Out, along with the locations they appeared on the show:

Name Location
Aldo Kane Borneo
Khen Rhee Kazakhstan
Matt Graham Mongolia
EJ Snyder Thailand
Cat Bigney Palau
John Hudson India
Will Lord Bashan
Josh James Yunnan Province
Ky Furneaux Four Girls Mountain Range
Matt ‘The Juggernaut’ Wright Wanshan Archipelago
Hakim Isler Zoige Marshas
Xinlei Wu Aksai Desert

Who is in the Cast of Ed Stafford First Man Out?

Below is the list of the Ed Stafford: First Man Out Cast:

  • Ed Stafford
  • Andrew Wood
  • Gary Humphrey
  • E.J. Snyder
  • Matt Wright
  • Kylie Furneaux
  • Josh James
  • Will Lord
  • Matt Graham
  • Aldo Kane
  • Cat Bigney
  • John Hudson
  • Ken Rhee
  • Hakim Isler
  • Sam Brown
  • Rob Sixsmith (camera operator 2019-2020)
  • Joe French
  • Steven Hanton
  • Stani Groeneweg
  • Ross Bowyer
  • Sam Pinkstone
  • Kenneth Nabors

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You can now watch a variety of movies and shows that we highly recommend to our friends, even the best documentaries on HBO Max, without any hassle or limitations!

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Who Are The Award Winners For Ed Stafford: First Man Out?

The industry recognized the brilliance of this show with awards or nominations in the Asian Academy Creative Awards. It’s a testament to the hard work and vision of the team behind the scenes, as well as the incredible performances on screen.

Following are the achievements of the show in different categories:

  • 2020 Winner for the Best EditingDipin VermaCarol Eguaras (as Carolyn Aquino Eguaras)

Wondering about the cast and Ed Stafford: first man out camera crew? Keep reading!

Ed Stafford: First Man Out


Thanks to the expert analysis provided by former jungle warfare and survival expert, Andrew “Woody” Wood, audiences will gain a thorough understanding of the survival tactics.

Born on December 26, 1975, Edward James Stafford is an English explorer and survival expert. He achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the first person to walk the entire length of the Amazon River, earning him a Guinness World Record.

Some people might think Ed wins every time, but that’s not true. If you watch it for fun with a friend and guess who will win, you’ll have a good time

Wrapping Up

Now, let’s finalize our plan to Watch Ed Stafford First Man Out outside USA on Max and get an insight into the adventures and near-death experiences of the show!

Max, despite being a free streaming service, is geo-restricted outside US, but don’t worry, you can still stream this show on Max using a top-notch VPN such as ExpressVPN.

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