Mystery Sound on The View Sets Makes Whoopi Speak Out about Farting Accusations

Mystery Sound on The View Sets Makes Whoopi Speaks Out about Farting Accusations

Seasoned audiences of The View have now come to expect something new from the morning show every day. From guests giving their unfiltered opinions, to the hosts’ – sometimes unfiltered – opinions on politics and pop culture, the show often gives viewers a lot to talk about. So it came as no surprise that Whoopi Goldberg, who has been in the news too often, was ahead of the curve in Tuesday’s episode of The View and clarified that a mystery noise heard during the live telecast was not of someone passing gas.

On Tuesday, during the Hot Topic segment of the show, an unidentified noise caused Goldberg to ask “What was that?” only to be told that it was her co-host’s glass. “It’s my glass, every time I turn it,” Sara Haines quickly clarified and replicated the noise by turning her cup once more.

“Let’s put that rumor to rest,” Joy Behar quickly chimed in. “That sound that you hear, that’s a cup, okay?” Goldberg then said that viewers should know better than to classify the noise as anything other than the sound of kitchenware.

“Yes, because, we get blamed for dropping gas, when in fact it’s a cup,” Goldberg said, referring to an incident that occurred on the show in January.

At the time, a glass of water spilled on the show, along with an unidentified raspberry noise permeating the sound field. “Now it’s on my pants,” Haines famously said as both hosts then spent several minutes cleaning water off of their cue cards.

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Mystery noises, however, seem to have become a part of the live telecast of the morning show.

Once Behar’s cell phone rang during a live segment while she frantically tried to silence it amid the discussion:

Another time Goldberg famously let a “little frog” loose on the sets in front of Claire Danes. Here’s a clip of that ordeal from 11 years ago:

Viewers do not miss a beat in uploading these iconic scenes on the internet, lending them immortality. With this in mind, Whoopi’s insistence on identifying the noise and then making sure viewers know what it is makes sense.

However, as the show continues to air, it’s plausible to believe that viewers will keep listening out for potential farts and other noises going forward if the past is of any indication. Yet it is also likely that Goldberg and her fellow morning show stars will roll with the punches. And perhaps take responsibility if any of them do actually rip one.

But fart accusations are a smaller worry, especially since the flamboyant and outspoken Goldberg has been through the wringer more than one time for being a little off-center when it comes to voicing her views. Just last week she had to apologize for using an ethnic slur on air.

In January 2022, she made a contentious remark on the Holocaust and how anti-Semitic behavior is not necessarily synonymous with racism. She quickly apologized in this instance as well, telling Stephen Colbert that she was wrong and that she was “sorry for the hurt I have caused.”

After her statements, she was suspended for two weeks from the ABC talk show, and over a year later, the debate about what she said resurfaced, after which, in December 2022, Goldberg once again issued a statement explaining what she meant to say at the time and what she has learned since then.

The View airs on ABC on weekdays with episodes available on Hulu the next day, here’s how you can watch the show on Hulu outside USA.

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