Volturi Twilight: A Guide to How Volturi’s Powers Work


Have you watched the Twilight saga series? If so, you have come across the Volturi. The Volturi are one of the most powerful factions in the Twilight universe, and their abilities are a big part of what makes them so feared.


Aro twilight leads the Volturi, and his three principal lieutenants are Marcus, Caius, and Jane. Each of these four has its unique ability that makes them incredibly powerful.

In this post, we will take a look at the abilities of each member of the Volturi Twilight and how they work. We will also discuss how these abilities can be used in combat and against other vampires. Let’s get started.

Volturi Twilight: What Are They and What They Do


The Volturi are a group of vampires who live in Italy. They are one of the Twilight universe’s oldest and most powerful vampire factions. The Volturi are led by Aro twilight, who has aged but with lots of vampire experience.

The Volturi twilight powers include brutality and willingness to kill any vampire who breaks their laws. They are also known for their practice of blood-letting, which they believe keeps them young and strong.

The Volturi play a large role in the Twilight series. They first appear in Twilight when they come to Forks, Washington, to investigate a group of vampires living there.

The Volturi are not happy with what they find, and they decide to kill all of the vampires in Forks. This includes Edward Cullen, who is the main character in the series.

The Volturi also play a prominent role in the movie Eclipse, when they try to kill Bella Swan. In the end, the Volturi are defeated, and they leave Forks. So, if you haven’t yet watched the movies, go ahead and you will come to know What are they and what they do.

Volturi Laws


As per TwilightSaga, the Volturi have a set of laws that all vampires in the Coven must follow. These laws include the below.

  1. Every hunt must be inconspicuous, and if the victim is missed, the remains must be disposed off well and the area cordoned off.
  2. Immortal children should not be created at any time. This is taboo, and anyone found doing this should be punished, the ultimate sentence being death.
  3. Never deal with the  Children of the Moon unless when exterminating them.
  4. Becoming a false witness is punishable by death.
  5. No hunting in Volterra. Their food must come from outside.
  6. No one should draw attention, and no vampire should be seen in open sunlight.
  7. Every creator is responsible for their newborn’s behaviour. All penalties shall serve them both.
  8. Any interaction with humans should not draw any attention. If it does, the human should be turned into an immortal or be silenced permanently.

Breaking any of these laws is punishable by death. The Volturi are very serious about enforcing these laws, and they will kill any vampire who breaks them.

We have also listed the Twilight movies from worst to best to give you more insight and in case you want to know more, you can always check out movies like Twilight.

Volturi Powers

The Volturi are a mighty group of vampires with several abilities that make them very dangerous. The Volturi twilight powers include the below. 

  • Super strength – The Volturi are much stronger than ordinary vampires. They can easily lift cars and break through walls.
  • Super speed – The Volturi can move so fast that they appear to be teleporting.
  • Telepathy – The Volturi can read minds, and they can also control the thoughts of others.
  • Illusion – The Volturi can create illusions that are so realistic that they can fool even the most powerful vampires.

The Volturi are a powerful and dangerous group of vampires. The Volturi twilight cast is not to be trifled with, and they will kill any vampire who breaks their laws.

Volturi Members

The Volturi Twilight group consisted of several members, some of whom were leaders, while others were their wives, protectors, former members, and wanted members. Here are details of the members of the Volturi.

Volturi’s Who Lead

These are the members of the Volturi who led and were in charge:



Aro twilight was the unofficial leader of the Volturi and one of the most powerful vampires in Twilight. He could read minds and control thoughts. Aro’s roles included deciding if a vampire should live or die. He had to maintain his power of authority.



Caius was the second in command of the Volturi and Aro’s right-hand man. Caius was known for his cruelty, and he enjoyed killing vampires who broke the law.



Marcus was the third in command of Volturi and Aro’s brother. Marcus was a mighty vampire, and he was known for his ability to create illusions.

The Wives

The wives of the Volturi leaders had the duty of taking care of their husbands. They were two of them, as listed below.


Sulpicia was the wife of Marcus and other leaders. She was the most beautiful woman among the Volturi. She was also ruthless and often ordered executions.



Athenodora was the wife of all other leaders. She was a beautiful and kind woman. She often helped others, even though she knew it would put her in danger.


Protectors had one duty to the Volturi Twilight: to keep them safe. They did this by hunting down any vampires who posed a threat to the Volturi and eliminating them. These protectors include:



Jane is among the most powerful weapons Volturi can boast of. She has the power of inflicting pain on her opponent, making them think that they are being burned alive. She is the most feared protector and uses her powers to incapacitate her opponents, especially if they become a threat to the leaders.



Heidi is classified as the fisher or the bait in the Volturi coven. Her job is to attract humans or vampires to the coven before being attacked and killed. She is always tasked with bringing humans as food to the vampires and then gets rewarded with holidays and other giveaways.



Felix Volturi is one of the strongest protectors in Volturi. He has a stronger body than others and a cloak that represents replaceable guards. He has a permanent position and tries to intimidate opponents who understand that he cannot be defeated. Felix Volturi is always present during executions.



Demetri is a powerful tracker and has the power of picking someone’s mind and then following them to a distance before hunting them down. He is regarded as a threat to anyone who wants to escape the Volturi slaughter. Once he picks up the enemy’s essence, he will hunt and kill them even after hiding.



Corin is the only guard with addictive contentment. She has the power of making others feel content with themselves, and she is assigned to stay with the vampire’s wives, Sulpicia and Athenodora. Her ability makes Chelsea not leave Volturi, even though she wanted to.



Chelsea is among the Volturi twilight cast and the guard with the power of manipulation. This means that they can break enemies’ emotional bindings and make wanted vampires join the group. She has made many visitors join and stay within the coven. Chelsea has a special relationship with Aro and always gets whatever she wants. However, she cannot untie true love.



Afton is the lowest-ranked protector in Volturi Twilight. His only gift is mental invisibility, which he owes to Chelsea, one of the prominent guards in Volturi. He protects himself by becoming mentally invisible, but someone with a sharp focus can easily notice his presence.

Former Members

Former members are the vampires who were once a part of the Volturi Twilight but are no longer. These vampires include:


Valentina was a secretary who was seen after Gianna’s disposal. She is only seen in Breaking Dawn movie deleted scenes. When she disrupted Volturi’s meal, Demetri was tasked to terminate her.



Bianca became a human secretary to the vampires after Valentina was terminated. She appeared in the Breaking Dawn movie and was disposed of because of her poor writing, grammar, and spelling mistakes.



Gianna was also Volturi’s human secretary featured in the New moons series. There was a time she wanted to become a vampire, but the vampires found her blood to be sweeter.


Eleazar is a former member of the Volturi. His sense of gifts made her be invited to the Volturi but later resigned after meeting his spouse, then joined the Denali coven. Aro twilight only accepted his resignation because he wanted to use his gift later.


Didyme was Aro’s younger sister and also a wife to Marcus. Her gift was to induce happiness in her inner circle. When she fell in love with Marcus, she had to leave Volturi’s lifestyle and was granted a peaceful lifestyle. Aro was forced to kill her sister to keep Marcus within the Volturi.

Wanted Members

Wanted Members are those vampires who the Volturi want to join their ranks. They were given an invitation but have not yet accepted. Many were in this list, but the below were the most prominent.


Zafrina is an Amazon Coven member and can project illusions into others’ minds. She was offered a place in Breaking Dawn to be in the Volturi, but she rejected the offer.

Renesmee Cullen


Renesmee Cullen is a hybrid member of the Olympic coven and can communicate through the mind and touch. She is among the few half-vampires whom Aro wanted to join the Volturi. However, Aro made no offer to her, and she couldn’t join the group.


Kate is a vampire from the Denali Coven. She threatened others with Psychic electric shock and was offered a position in the Volturi in the Breaking Dawn series. However, she calmly rejected the offer and remained faithful to her duties of protecting Bella.

Edward Cullen


Edward Cullen also comes from the Olympic Cullen, and he could read minds from a distance. Even though Aro always invited this vampire to the coven, Edward never accepted being part of the Volturi.



Benjamin coves from the Egyptian coven and can control the elements of nature, including the sun. No one has ever had this gift among the vampires. In Breaking Dawn, he was offered a chance to join the Volturi but declined the offer. Everyone wanted him to the coven to strengthen their powers but in vain.

Bella Swan

Bella Swan

We all know Bella Swan, a member of the Olympic Coven. Aro was interested in Bella joining the group because of her ability to control Psychic powers. With her powerful skills, every member of the Volturi considers her a threat to the kingdom. She couldn’t accept to join the Volturi.

Alice Cullen


Alice Cullen has had several invites to join the Volturi from the Olympic Coven but in vain. Aro twilight wanted her because she could see the future and could have been a great asset to the Volturi. According to Edward, Aro only wanted Alice because of her powers and not anything else. This pull and push almost led them into war.

Wrapping Up

As you can see from the above list, the Volturi Twilight has a lot of members, led by Aro Twilight. Some of these members had unique gifts to push forward and protect the coven.

Despite the many members, Aro, the leader, wanted some more members, some of whom were prominent characters in the series, but in vain.

You should do so if you have not yet watched the Twilight saga series, even after knowing these characters. The reason is that there are many other characters in other covens, which you may want to know. Want to learn more about all characters? Then read Twilight Eclipse Cast and Crew’s detailed guide to get to know which Twilight characters rank from best to worst!

You also need to be part of the majority who have enjoyed this series to the end. So, what are you waiting for? Watch the series today with these characters in mind.

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