Disney Plus Hits Hard On VPN Services

One of the most anticipated streaming platforms is finally released. People are comparing Netflix vs Disney+, while the two platforms compete head to head, Disney+ hasn’t been launched globally yet.

You can, however, use a VPN service and access Disney Plus from anywhere but recently the service has imposed strict detection on the use of VPN services. All the services that were working until yesterday are not working today.

Some technical people in communities are of the idea that once Disney+ detects that you are using a VPN from a country where it is not available, it will ban your account.

If you try accessing Disney+ in a region where it is not available, you will receive the following error:

disney+ not working

Disney Plus also faced app-related issues on various devices during the launch week. The executives stated that the sign-ups were higher than their highest expectations, 10 Million subscribers on day one! Here are the download links for all the compatible devices.

Another problem that Disney Plus faced was that thousands of accounts got hacked and were on sale on the dark web, for $5 per year.

Disney made it pretty clear in the beginning only that it had a strong stance against VPN services when it launched in the Netherlands, people were trying to get their hands on it from abroad but to no avail.

As for Disney+ VPN, at the moment the majority of the top tier providers are not working. As of today (11/28/2019), three providers are found to be working and that are NordVPN, PureVPN, and Surfshark. Besides the claims, big VPN providers’ including ExpressVPN are still struggling to unblock the service. ExpressVPNs Washington server is only working, therefore, it is not recommended at the moment. If you’re facing problems with NordVPN, PureVPN or Surfshark as well, follow the below steps:

  • Clear app data of Disney+
  • Deactivate GPS
  • Turn on NordVPN or PureVPN and select US server
  • Now you are good to stream!

Updated on 28/11/19 – Only Two VPNs are now working with Disney Plus

As of today other than NordVPN and PureVPN, Surfshark is now also working with Disney Plus according to our testing.

We also tested ExpressVPN today and use its most recommended Washington’s server as per Reddit and surprisingly it is working but only on iOS and Android devices.

Following are the testing results we conducted today:

PureVPN (currently working with Disney+)

Surfshark (currently working with Disney+)

ExpressVPN (Only Washington Server is working with Disney+)

For more details, you can check our best VPN for Disney+ blog

Other than the mentioned services, we are also testing other VPN providers who claim to unblock Disney+ like other channels from anywhere around the world. So, keep visiting this blog as Screen Binge will be posting our testing results on daily basis!

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28 Responses to Disney Plus Hits Hard On VPN Services

  1. Tim

    Wouldn’t subscribe to a service that bans VPN. I use VPN all the time for privacy and no service is worth paying for that doesn’t allow me to have my privacy. Not that Disney is worth $7 a month anyway.

    • Mohid Moosani

      Hey Tim!
      We totally get your point, however, Disney Plus bans VPN services due to content licensing and rights issues as content creators have agreements with distributors.

  2. Josh

    If they are against people using a VPN that shows you’re in a different country I can understand taking a stand on that as a business, but if it’s the same country if origin you singed up on the service with then they are asking people to be less secure to use their service.

    • Salman Ahmed

      Hey Josh, I totally agree with you that even there is no need to use a VPN to access Disney+ in those countries where the service is officially available, use of VPN is still helpful to keep your data secure and safe from mass surveillance and dark online entities.

  3. Joe

    ExpressVPN works. Also a DNS unlocker service I use still works perfectly.

    – All the services that were working until yesterday are not working today.
    Considering you showed 2 working examples yourself this sentence is kind of misleading.


    • Mohid Moosani

      Hey just rechecked, ExpressVPN error is still there as it can not bypass the login tab? Can you specify which IP/protocol/device or particular settings you are using?

      Here is a screenshot for you! 🙂
      ExpressVPN error

  4. Andrew

    What is the purpose of blocking vpns? There are no alternatives to viewing their content in other countries so people either use vpns or pirate their media for free. I understand when rights to the media are sold to other providers and you don’t want them to lose their investment but that is not the case here.
    Can anyone explain this to me?

    • Mohid Moosani

      Hey Andrew, at the moment some of the content is available on other platforms as Disney hasn’t pulled them out due to prior contracts. Once all the previous contracts are over and Disney+ has been launched globally you won’t face any such issues.

  5. Aaron

    Works for me in Cape Town with HMA VPN!

  6. Nada Ibrahim

    Any news about surfshark?
    I’ve subscribed for 2 years for Disney+ specifically 🙁
    You guys think they’ll be able to bypass Disney’s security?
    I did ask them yesterday and they are trying and promised it SHOULD be fixed within a few days

  7. Thanatos

    I guess if they don’t like me using my VPN on a server in my own country where I signed up, then they’re really not going to like me cancelling my subscription and pirating their content using my VPN…… Which is what will happen if they tick me off enough.

  8. jollytime

    huh, didn’t face any issues using NordVPN though, maybe people are not cleaning their computers or using some kind of an additional program, not really sure how and why this would happen. I think NordVPN even had a sale for Disney+ or something, and even now they are having a blackfriday sale so it is reaaaly a good time to buy them..

  9. dagitab

    ExpressVPN is actually working, albeit, only with select US servers.

  10. ben.lorenzen

    Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people complain about how they cannot access Disney+, and the VPN services they use are down every once in a while. I think that it’s pretty normal that this is happening since they are trying hard to ban access with VPNs. Personally, I use Surfshark, it had some ups and downs, but now it’s working again, which means I’ll go back to watching The Mandalorian again. Happy streaming!

    • Mohid Moosani

      Hello Ben,
      Yes, as of today most of the Best VPN services are successfully unblocking Disney+, including Surfshark.

  11. Elena Austin

    PureVPN Miami, US server works on my Laptop with Disney+, while on my iPhone Toronto, CA working.

  12. mark holland

    Purevpn briefly let me in from the UK, then I’ve been blocked after a few downloads.

    Nord VPN is not working for me either.

    Looks like it’s a bust all round!!

  13. Anna

    Can you do a review on ProtonVPN? It seems to work for some users. Thanks!

    • Mohid Moosani

      Hey Anna, I would love to do a Proton VPN review for you. Could you please specify the package you’re planning to buy? However, we don’t recommend Proton for streaming as it doesn’t have optimized streaming servers.

  14. Ali

    I just subscribied PureVPN because of positive comments but it is not working for me for Netflix and Disney plus from the day 1.

    • Mohid Moosani

      Hello Ali, which server are you connecting to? furthermore, can you please let us know which protocol are you using? Try connecting to the Australian server, it’s working! 😀

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